Flowers,Cathedrals and the English Countryside // Photography


Hello everyone!

As some of you might know, I went home to the UK last weekend. I love it there, everyone is so incredibly friendly, and there's something about the nature that always amazes me with how subtly beautiful it is. Anyway, I thought I might share some of the photos I took while I was there.

Even though it hasn't been that long since I updated my blog, I feel as if it's been forever, since my two last posts were pre-written. I don't usually like to pre-write my blogposts, but sometimes I'm struck by inspiration and write five posts in one night, and then school takes over, so it's actually quite useful.

This is currently the background on my computer, and I absolutely love it. I'm not big on history (to be honest, I find it quite boring), but Gloucester Cathedral blows me away every single time.

The courtyard is another of my favourite parts of Gloucester Cathedral. I love the bright flowers and the very friendly couple from out of town sat on the bench.
I struggled a lot trying to capture the stained-glass windows on camera, but I saw them reflected in this fountain-like-thing, and it just like one of those aesthetics you see on tumblr. 

We all remember that scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where they find the petrified cat, and the red writing on the wall. That was filmed in this corridor. Just the thought that Emma Watson and so many of my idols have walked through this corridor only a few years ago is so strange to me.

Flowers - oh, how much I love you!

Again, I love the english countryside. There something about how normal and unspectacular it is that throws me off balance every single time I visit.

Not going to lie, but this photo was taken when I visited last easter. I love it though, and I thought I'd include it because it is from the exact same spot.

I think daffodils may be my very favourite type of flower.

I love this photo so much - it was taken while I was on a walk in the park with my nan (you can see her purple coat in the background) and it was one of those days I know I'll cherish forever.

I found this one in my grandparents' garden, and it wasn't the only one I found that day! There were so many everywhere, and it just makes me so happy.

So those are all the photos I'll be sharing today. Some nature, some castles, both of which tickle me pink - don't you just love that expression? 

I do apologise if I seem a bit jittery, I'm in one of those moods where I just appreciate and love life so much, which happens to me surprisingly often.

Thank you so much if you leave a comment, follow, or even just read my blogposts. I love every single one of you so much.

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  1. Hi! I'm new to the blogging world and I came across your blog. :) Those pictures are absolutely stunning! I wish I lived in the
    UK. :( Also, I love Harry Potter and youtubers as well! xx

    1. Thank you!! I'll definitely check out your blog :) I don't actually live in the UK, but my entire family does and so I go over to visit them every few weeks, and I love it.

  2. I love all the pictures, the architecture is so beautiful! :D

    1. Thanks! I have to agree, Gloucester Cathedral is the most beautiful building I've ever seen!

  3. Amazing pictures!