Words Can Hurt // Hate and Personal Experience


Here we go with another random post for you all. I've just been feeling very inspired recently, and it's definitely due to Taylor Swift's music.

I'm having one of those sessions where I just sit here and listen to old music by artists I love, and tonight it's Taylor Swift. The quote 'you might think I'm bulletproof, but I'm not' hit me really hard tonight.

I mentioned this briefly last night and I don't want to go too far into it because it honestly makes me fee like shit, but I get teased a lot by my friends. I'm seen as an easy victim, because I don't show that I let anything get to me and I always laugh it off. The truth is though, it hurts me way more than even I care to admit.

My friends make fun of me for my voice when I sing, and so I've stopped singing out loud to my favourite music unless I'm 100% sure I'm alone.

They tease me for being 'too preachy' so I'm afraid to tell them about feminism, body positivity and vegetarianism, because they'll most likely make fun of me.

They make fun of me for the fact that my left eye is slightly larger than my right when I wear glasses (due to the difference in strength), and now I no longer wear glasses to school because I know they'll point them out.

The thing is though, I know none of them mean to hurt me. None of them truly want to make me miserable, they just find it funny.

The entire post of this long sob story was to tell you all to be careful about what you say. Words, even if they're not meant in a harmful way, can hurt a lot more than you think. And I'm not talking about only to your friends, but to celebrities, people you don't know, and your family.

Sure, you have freedom of speech, but do you really want to use that on being a douchebag?

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  1. Girl, don't let anyone treat you like that! You sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs and don't let anyone make you feel bad about your voice! You preach your thoughts on certain issues, because that's what your passionate about! You shouldn't be afraid to do all of this because that's what makes you you! It makes me sad to see that some of us don't speak our minds because we are afraid of being made fun of. We should be supporting each other, and not caring about what others think. :) You're amazing, and never change who you are because you're afraid of being made fun of. xx

    1. Thank you so much! This really cheered me up this morning, and made me want to try harder at being myself. You're so sweet, and I also checked out your blog because you seem like a genuinely nice person. I loved the post about age being just a number when it comes to blogging, and I soo agree!

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  3. haha thanks! I just hate to see people upset. I hope you're feeling better! :) xx

  4. If you want to sing, sing. Real friends wont care how good a singer you are do what you want to do because you will only be young once in your life. Love your blog very inspirational blogger you are at such a young age hope you are big some day

    1. Oh my gosh thank you. I do try to be myself and not care about what they say, but it can be hard sometimes. You're so sweet!