Hello July - Reflecting on June, and this Month's Plans and Expectations


Hello people!

I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long, but for now at least, there will be regular updates on here. Today I’m going to talk about the second of my monthly updates, goals, and expectations. Let’s take a look at how I did with my goals from June:

  1. Blog every three days – I guess you’ve all noticed that that didn’t work out so well for me. I managed it quite well in the beginning, but I found that writing on schedule just isn’t for me. I like to write when I feel inspired to do so, so that’s what I’ll stick to from now on.
  2. Bring my camera more places – I did this one so well. I went to London and the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour this month, and I brought my camera out every single day. Because of that, you guys can watch out for a few very picture laden blog posts coming your way soon.
  3. Ace my science exam – I’m not quite sure how I did on this one, because my teacher has decided that we shouldn’t see our grades for that particular exam – great decision, right? I’m sure I did well though. I studied so hard, and on the actual exam I filled out most things. My grade has also increased by 1 out of 7 since Christmas, so I guess that’s an accomplishment.
  4. Write in my diary more – Err, well, I can’t say I did this one. I think I wrote at the most five times, because I’ve spent my time on other things – whoops.

I just had a look over 6 plans I had to do in June, and I did all of them!
  1. I went to the HPWBSTL and I loved it so freaking much – true to my second goal, I brought my camera, and so you can expect a very photo-laden blogpost coming your way within the next few days.
  2. Although the picnic I had was technically July 1st, I’m counting it! I spent the day in our capital city with my long-distance best friend and our mums. We bought salads, smoothies, cherries and ice cream, and had one of my happiest days in 28* weather in a lovely park.
  3. If you’ve seen my last blog post, you’ll know that I completed this one!
  4. To be accurate, I didn’t fix the screen on my phone, but as my mum got a new phone, I got her old one and therefore, my current phone has a functioning screen.
  5. Hell yes did I go to an All Time Low concert! And boy, did I enjoy it. I had the time of my life, and my next blog post will be about just that.
  6. Ooh yes, smooth, pearly white, straight teeth are now mine, no more braces for me!

Now moving on to July, here are the goals I’ve layed out for July so far:
  1. Learn French – I’ll be spending the next two weeks on a language course in France, so my main goal is obviously to improve my French drastically. I’d love to be fluent, because I’ve already had it in school for three years!
  2. My next goal is to journal most days throughout July. Yes I know, I failed last month, but I want to try again and document every moment of my language course. I honestly can’t wait for it, I leave in two days and it’s all I’m thinking about at the moment.
  3. Despite me being gone for the next few weeks, I want to update regularly on my blog. This means a TON of prewritten blog posts, but most of them will be fun ones full of photos.

My Plans for July:
  1. I plan to celebrate my 16th birthday on the 20th of July, with two of my closest friends. It’ll be calm and nice, because I’ll be SO tired, returning from France on the eve of it.
  2. I also plan on appreciating every moment of my time in France. This means getting up early, putting away my phone, bringing my camera, and just enjoying every minute of it.
  3. New friends is something I always look forward to when going on trips, and this is no exception. I plan on making new friends and keeping in touch with them, because friends just make any moment so much better.

Those are all the plans and goals I have for July. I’ve decided to start only doing 3 for each every month, because I don’t want these posts to be too long to read. I hope you all enjoyed this though, and please let me know any improvement ideas you might have about this format!

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