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Hello everyone!

Today I have a bit of a special post for you, as I'm doing a collaboration with the lovely Frances from Royally Rouge!

On her blog, she will be doing a Back to School Makeup Look, and over here there's Back to School Essentials (as you probably guessed by my title).

In this post I won't be focusing as much on schoolbooks, as that is different for everyone. I will, however, take you through some of my favourite items that I keep in my bag that I wouldn't be able to get through my day without.

The first one - my planner. I LOVE this thing. It's from Paperchase, and I keep absolutely everything in it. I write down homework, blogposts, plans with friends, workouts, and everything going on in my life. Our school does actually provide us with planners, but I decided it was more likely that I'd keep up with it if I chose the design and layout myself.

If you're at one of those unlucky schools where they don't let you listen to music while working, I feel for you! I wouldn't be able to live without mine, so I always have to have my headphones!

These colourful pens are a new addition to my collection this year - as is the planner above. I've actually used them a surprising amount, and come on, how satisfying is it to see them all colour coordinated like this? I find that I'd much rather review my notes if the titles and important words are written in bright pink or turquoise! I got this set for around £6!

My emergency kit - the little set that constantly livesin the bottom of my bag and will stay there every single day I'm at school. This little pouch is larger than necessary, but works fine and is from Primark. The main thing in my kit is a lipbalm - usually two, one for chapped lips and one coloured - because I get superdry lips and I find that lipbalm really calms me down during tests. Deodorant is something I very rarely use while at school, but just knowing its there makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Tampons, of course, speak for themselves, but you'd rather not forget these! The last thing in my kit is usually bobby pins. I have very short hair, and sometimes during art, I just need to get my fringe out of my eyes.

I mentioned this in my previous post about being healthy, but drinking water is super important! I know everyone tells you this, but seriously, bring a waterbottle between classes with you! It'll definitely help, and make you feel a lot better about yourself! It also gives you something to do when you're listening to a lecture.

Those are some of my school necessities that live in my bag, I hope that gave you some ideas! Let me know when you go/went back to school, as I know it's very different everywhere! I went back to school two weeks ago, but I know a lot of people don't go back for another few, so I wish you all luck with that!

Also, go check out Frances' blog! As I mentioned above, she's doing Back to School Makeup over at

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  1. I go back to school next week so this was really helpful!
    Peace xo

    1. Thanks! I hope you're doing well at school now, and make sure to check out Frances' post!

    2. Thanks! I hope you're doing well at school now, and make sure to check out Frances' post!