Life Update


So. Here I am. This feels weird.

I haven't written a blogpost for almost a month. A month! Well, that technically isn't true. I've been writing - I probably have about ten posts scribbled in my diary for you - I just haven't had the internet to publish them, as I've spent my entire summer at our cabin with limited 3G.

Now I'm back. Back to blogging, back to school (tomorrow, and I'm full of nerves), back to exercising, and back to regular routines. I wishI had a longer holiday, but I suppose it'll be nice to get into my routine of life again (at least that's what I'm telling myself, truthfully I'd much rather never go back to school).

Which, as a matter of fact, I would legally be able to do. By norwegian law, I can now drop out and not continue on with schooling. This seems crazy to me, the idea that at this age I should be able to live alone, be responsible and find a job.

That's really all I have to say in this blog post. I suppose this is nothing more than a little life update to say that I'm back on track. I want to try getting two posts up a week now, although not on set days. I also have a bunch more of exciting photos to share with you!

I'd also really like to say thank you. Thank you all for reading, commenting, and following my blog. It really means a lot! I love you all very much, and I'll see you sometime this weekend!

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  1. Do you live in Norway then?!? Great post by the way! I look forward to reading your future posts xxx