Hello September


Hey there friends!

As you may remember from my posts like this in June and July, I try to do a monthly expectations post on the first of every month, so here we are for September!

First of all, let me just say, how the hell is it September already? I honestly can't believe that we only have four months left until 2016. That's terrifying.

As I didn't do a post like this for august, I'll skip straight to the goals and plans for September:


  1. Keep on track with schoolwork: I've now gone back to school, and quite frankly, the work is overwhelming. My main goal is therefore to stay on track with my homework and studying for my exams.
  2. My blog is also very important to me, and I notice I feel a lot happier when I'm posting regularly. I'm not going to set a schedule for my blogposts, but I will say that I want to have at least 7 blogposts in total for the month of September.
  3. I've been eating unhealthy and not working out most of the summer, and I can definitely notice a difference. I'd love to get back to my healthy routines and perhaps get a bit fitter over the next few months.
My Plans for September:
  1. One of the few things I'll be doing this month is spending a day out in Oslo, Norway's capital city. This doesn't sound like much, because I'm there every few weeks, but this is the first time I'll be going to truly enjoy the city instead of as a chore. I'm going with a few friends of mine, and maybe I'll share our shenanigans with you if you'd like that?
  2. Inspired by Zoella, I now really want to deepclean my room. At the moment (and the rest of the time to be honest) my room is in absolute chaos, and it would be very nice to not only have it tidy but also get rid of all the little knick-knacks that I know live at the bottom of all my drawers.
  3. This month I'm going back home to England for a week. I can't wait, as I haven't been there for a while. I'll be spending time with my family, but also visiting a few towns I haven't been to before, which I'll probably share with all of you!
That was rather a short post this time! I just don't have that many plans for this fall, and as it is my least favourite season, I'm lacking the motivation to go out and do stuff at the moment. Hopefully I'll get all of these done though, and you'll see next month, on the first of October!

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  1. You've inspired me to set my own monthly goals! - It's such a great idea! I totally need to live more healthily and do more exercise too, but I lack the motivation! Maybe we could encourage eachother?! Hope you have fun when you come over to the UK! Hopefully you'll come when we have good weather!!
    Georgia xxx

    1. Yay! Yes, I'd love to try and motivate each other! I really do need to get healthy, but I'm lying here eating chocolate right now! Whoops :/

  2. Really nice post. And maybe there's plenty to do, could get influence or fun tips, or things, etc. for it. Anyway, take care and it's OK if nothing is planned. Be free to enjoy it :)