Hello June


June is a big month for me. I graduate school, I start my summer job, and I move out of the house we've lived in the past four years.

So, I'm back with what I hope I'll manage to keep as a monthly post, where I talk about last month, and set goals and plans for this month.

May was very exciting for me, and overall just a great month. You can read last month's post here, but I'll sum it up for you:

May's goals:
  1. Do well in my exams - Ehh, I guess I can't complain too much. I did well in some of them, but others didn't go amazingly. I guess you could just say I'm very glad that they're now over.
  2. Spend time with my friends - I did have a lot of happy times with my friends, but not as many as I'd like. There were birthday parties (which were amazing), pizza dates, and long emotional phonecalls. I've loved it.
  3. Workout often - Definitely not. I think I've been on one run this entire month. Oh well, hopefully this summer will help my motivation.
May's plans:
  1. The Adele concert. Truly life-changing, and I wouldn't even say that's exaggerating. I love it SO MUCH! It was just such a great, sunny day, and we had such great seats at the concert!  For a full, emotional post about the experience, check out the post about it here.
  2. Birthday parties - I went to two of them, one of which was a pizzanight with three good friends of mine. The other one (which was for two of my friends) was meant to be a BBQ on the beach, but as it started raining, it turned into an indoor BBQ. How we didn't set the flat on fire I'll never know, but it was one of my favourite nights anyway.
  3. My brother moved home! I'm very happy to have him back home, although as most brothers, he's quite annoying. Of course, I still love him lots, even if he does constantly criticise my waffles! Fine, maybe he does have a point there.
May has been a good month, but now onto June! In fact, as it is my first month of summer and I have very few 'goals' for this month, I'm not going to do goals, and instead just do a list of exciting things/plans happening in June!

  1. Graduating school - how crazy isn't this? Sure, I still have what would be sixth form left (I'm starting IBDP if anyone knows what that is), but it's still terrifying and strange for me.
  2. Moving house - If you've read this post, you might know a bit more about my situation. It's not a bad thing, I'm super excited. In two weeks I'm moving house to our summer cabin, and after summer I'm moving to a different city. As I said, I can't wait, but it's still going to be stressful and sad to leave all my friends here.
  3. Okay, one goal - blog regularly. I have loads of posts prewritten, but I just forget to post them, which is just me being disorganised. For the entire summer, I'm trying to blog regularly, hopefully more than once a week.
  4. I start my summer job - This summer I've gotten my dream job of working at a bakery/cafe. Sure, it's still a job, but I can't wait. And it's close to our cabin and right by the sea, so it'll be amazing!
  5. Camping - Next weekend I'm hopefully going camping with my group of friends! As I mentioned above, I'm moving away and so are a lot of them, so this will sort of be one of the last times we'll all be together. It should be fun, but also quite sad.
Those are all my plans/goals for this month! As I've mentioned, I'm sure it'll be a great month (and summer), but at the same time it's, in a way, the end of a big part of my life. That sounds so dramatic, but I suppose it is true.

I hope you've all had a great summer so far (sorry this post is up about a week late in June! I've been abroad). Let me know what the most fun
thing you did in May was, and one thing you're excited for in June! I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Sounds like a great summer! Congrats on graduating :) and Adele sounds incredible!

  2. Sounds like you're going to have so much fun! I wish you loads of luck with your move and everything.

    Jemima x

    1. Thank you, I definitely hope so! <3

  3. Graduating school is going to be so exciting! I finish in November and I seriously cannot wait. I feel like I haven't been on your blog in a little bit too long so I'm reading all the posts that I've missed!

    -Sophie xx || Cherries and Perfume

    1. Thank you, I'm sure it will be exciting for both of us! Aww, thank you so much Sophie <3