The A-Z of Me


My favourite posts to read are always the ones where you get to know the blogger, and so what better post to write than this one? It’s been going around recently, and I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read, so I figured I’d do one of my own!

If you don’t know what this is, here is one thing about me for every letter of the alphabet:

Adele - One of my very favourite artists, who I don't think I could ever grow sick of.
Bakery - Where I'm working this summer, and I love it! (watch out for a post about this next - I've had a lot of humiliating/weird moments there that I'm planning on sharing!)
Charlie - My absolutely adorable dog! This was her as a puppy, and although she might not be quite as fluffy now, she still melts hearts left and right.

How beautiful isn't she?? I just want to cuddle her so badly.

Daydreamer - Perhaps my very favourite song by Adele (along with the one mentioned further down in this post).
Ed Sheeran - Who I've loved since 2011 and have seen twice in concert.
This was the first time I saw him! Front row at a tiny festival, I was so happy I'm surprised I didn't die and go to heaven right then and there.
FabulousHannah - My favourite youtuber, she always makes me laugh.
Garlic - The one thing I add to basically any dish I make.
Hufflepuff - What I recently discovered to be my Hogwarts house! For a long time I thought I was a Ravenclaw, but I've always known Hufflepuff suits me better, and the new Pottermore test confirmed that!
Ice cream - At my first day of work this week, I tried to use the ice cream machine, and the liquid exploded all over me, the floor, the walls, and my boss. So I'm listing this under 'most humiliating moment'.
Johnny Boy - The only thing I can think of here is the song Johnny Boy by twenty one pilots. I do really like the song though, and it's definitely one of my favourite songs from them.
Kick Me by Sleeping with Sirens - The first time I heard this song I was sitting in the car with my brother and his friends after not having seen him for a few months, and we were all singing loudly on our way to buy pizza. I love the song, but I think this memory makes it way better.
London - One of my favourite places, I could stay there forever.

Modern Family - A series I think we all depend on to cheer us up.
New York - A city I’ve only been to once, but where I would desperately love to live someday.
One and Only - I love this song, and as FabulousHannah once mentioned, I want this played at my wedding.
Photography - Kind of ashamed to call this my hobby as I'm not very good at it, but yes, my main hobby.
The Quibbler - Fine, this one's a stretch. The only one I could find to fit this letter, but I do love Luna Lovegood, so I suppose that's relevant enough to count.
Raspberries - Can you imagine anything better on top of a chocolate cake? I just love berries.
Summer - Everyone's favourite season, me included. Who doesn't love time off school, and what's meant to be hot weather?
Twentyone pilots - a band I love and one I'm (hopefully) seeing in October!

Uma Thurman - The ultimate Fall Out Boy jam.

Vintage - Ugh, this makes me feel like such a wannabe tumblr gal, but I recently bought my very first item from the very first vintage-thrift shop I've ever been to, and I've worn the denim jacket every single day since. 
Wakeboarding - If you don't know what this is, it's basically standing on a board holding on to a rope while being towed behind a boat. Took me a while to learn, but it's so much fun!
Apologies for the poor photo, but it is surprisingly hard to take good photos on a fast boat!
X - A really great Ed Sheeran album.
Youth by Troye Sivan- This was also a tough one,  and I tried not to include too many songs on this list, but it made it a lot easier! This song is awesome though, as I'm sure you all know.
Z - I admit defeat. I've been sitting here for ages trying to come up with the last few letters, and this is the only one remaining. I give up. 

I was also planning on including the Norwegian letters Æ, Ø and Å, but I struggled enough as it is with the English ones! 

Most of my posts are easy to write and the sentences are already formed before I manage to write them down, but this one really stumped me! This was a challenge to write, but definitely fun.

I'm sure you noticed that I linked quite a few relevant posts in this post, so I hope you check them all out. Also, I turn 17 in three weeks and would love to reach 150 bloglovin followers before then, so please make sure you're following me!


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  1. I also love blog posts which allow me to learn more about and get to know the blogger. Loved this post as usual; Charlie looks so cute! I'd love to go to New York one day, I can see myself falling in love with the city and never coming back! Hannah is also one of my favourite YouTubers too, I just find her hilarious :) xx

    1. Thanks! Agreed, I'd absolutely love to be able to live in NYC one day!

  2. I have been really loving these posts as I think its so lovely to get to know you more! Love fall out boy!

    1. Thank you so much! They're such a great band!

  3. Ahh! It would have been so awesome to read what you wrote for the Norwegian letters! But yes I can definitely agree that it would have hard considering the English one's are already hard to come up with something (wasn't a very good sentence there but oh well). Your puppy is so frickin adorable by the way!!!

    -Sophie xx || Cherries and Perfume

    1. I definitely would have struggled, and I don't think people would have any idea of what I was on about if I did! Thank you, she's 3 now, but I still love her just as much!

  4. I can't believe you're a Hufflepuff too! I would have loved to see you do ones with the Norwegian letters as they're completely new to me.

    Jemima x

    1. I thought it would be a cool idea, but I struggled enough with Q and Z, so I thought I'd leave it be!

  5. Your dog is so adorable! Lovely post xx

  6. It was lovely to learn more about you! So glad I've found your blog now, already added it to my reading list! Can't wait to see your next post xo

    Whitney xoxo | Whitney Loren.

    1. Thank you, thank you so much!! <3

  7. I absolutely loved this post! I am a Harry Potter fan too and Ed Sheeran is one of my absolute favorites, I wish I could see him in concert. Also Modern family is just the best :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! Harry Potter is so incredibly amazing (I did an entire post on how much I love it, I'm such a nerd) He's amazing, take the chance if you get it!! It always cheers me up :)

  8. This is honestly such a cool post and I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit better. Charlie is so cute and literally melted my hear too and OMG ED SHEERAN IS MY FAVOURITE PERSON SO GLAD YOU LOVE HIM TOO! :)

    1. Thank youuuu!!! I'm not going to take credit for the idea though haha. I know!! Ed Sheeran is SO AMAZING!! YES I LOVE HIM!!! Can't wait until he comes of hiatus omggg