Weird Things That Happen at My Job and Why I Love It


You might think I'm crazy, but every day when I come home from work, I'm so blissfully happy. Exhausted and with painful feet, but happier and happier every day.

I'm pretty sure I tweet "I LOVE MY JOB" at least twice a week, but I honestly can't say it enough. However, this post isn't going to me just telling you how happy it makes me, as I can't imagine that would be very interesting. Instead, I'm telling you about my job in general; what I do, what it's like, and last and most importantly, strange things that happen at my job.

I work at a tiny seaside bakery, and it's absolutely exhausting. I work nine to ten hours a day, starting at 7.30. I'm on my feet all day, running around, icing cakes and serving customers. When I come home, I need a solid hour (at least) of recuperating before I can handle human contact. 

It all makes it worth it though, when I get to bring a few of these goodies home everyday for free! I swear, my family and neighbours love me so much more nowadays because of this.

I only ever work with one or two other people, and it's a super busy bakery. Most of my customers are the friendliest people on earth, and love to small-talk, and so I get to know most of them pretty well. There are definitely some very strange ones too, and I think this is the weirdest one I've ever served:

From what I'm about to tell you, you might think this is some teenager with a metabolism that can handle anything. Nope, this guy was probably over 80. One of our bestsellers are buns, and it's not uncommon for people to buy over ten at a time to bring home and share. This poor old man however, bought 16 of them, as well as a sandwich, an ice cream, and a cup of coffee. As most reasonable people would assume, I figured he'd bring the buns home for his grandchildren or something. He sat down, and in one sitting finished the large sandwich, the ice cream, sixteen buns and a cup of coffee. As if this was a normal thing to do. 

I know I shouldn't be laughing, and at that moment I was definitely struggling to hide my very confused laughter. I also had one guy come in and pay for 48 bread rolls, filling up two large shopping bags. People are strange, I swear. 

There have also been a few - less funny, more creepy - instances, but they're not quite as entertaining, so I'll save those for another time. 

I really don't know where this post was going or what interest it has to you, but some of you've said that you'd love to hear more about my job, and I thought I'd include some instances that had me and my friends in tears from laughing so hard at them!

Just a quick note - sorry for my not-great blog design at the moment! I need to redo my header to fit this new theme, and if any of you know some very basic HTML or coding for blogger, I'm in desperate need of a bit of help! (Also, could some of you perhaps tell me if my blog scrolls in jumps? Thanks!)

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  1. I'd actually love to see more of these little stories, Since you mentioned it earlier it's had me thinking about my own blogpost based one where I work. Your scroller is working fine by the way :) x

    Claire ❤ | My Little Memoir

  2. I really like this post, I've also followed your blog, hope that you check mine! x.

    Mia |

  3. This post made me smile, I want to visit the bakery you work at now! xx

  4. Your job sounds so much fun! I bet you make a lot of memories x

  5. I love this story. Some people get the screw the world vibe when they grow old and they get really cute.
    How about we follow each other on bloglovin'? Follow me and I'll follow you back.