How to Make the Most Out of Summer


I'm sure you all agree with me when I say summer rarely turns out to be as fun as you expect. Instead of the parties and spontaneous trips we were all imagining, it's full of dull, rainy days spent by yourself.

Don't get me wrong, my summer has been fun; but only because I know the routine. I know how bored I get every summer, and I've sort of learnt to accept that. However, it's still not exactly fun to see everyone else boasting about their amazing 5-star holidays to Greece, or their legendary parties that you weren't invited to. FOMO is definitely something I struggle with (don't we all), and it's no fun at all.

A website called Eventbrite is running a campaign about GOMO (go out more often) this summer, and it's definitely something I can get behind. One of the main things I believe is that you make your own fun. There's no point staying in bed all day complaining about boredom when you could be out there trying so many new things.

I never knew I needed a website like Eventbrite until I now, but believe me, I do. It's basically an organiser of nearby events that you can go to, and oh my god, there are so many!

Today I'm sharing with you a few events that I'd ideally like to go to, that I found on Eventbrite:

  • Colour Me Rad - I first skipped straight to events in England, as I thought there was no way that this website had reached Norway yet. I was wrong. I found so many cool events here! This is one that I might actually go to. I've always wanted to do a Colour Me Rad run, but the tickets are so expensive it didn't seem worth it until I realised you can volunteer and get to experience it for free.
  • Chocolate Tour of London - Okay, is this not made for me? I love chocolate, and I can't imagine a single thing better than a tour of my favourite city, tasting my favourite food. If only I lived in London!
  • Cupcake Decorating Class - Again, food. I work at a bakery, and there's nothing I love more than cakes (except chocolate and Harry Potter). I desperately want to be like one of those super-skilled professionals you see on instagram who just make icing and decorating look so easy. Although I don't exactly think that's achievable, I'm sure a two hour class would be a great start.
  • Street Art Tour of London - There's something so cool about street-art. I don't know why, but to think people have stood outside for hours, days even, just painting for nothing else than their own pleasure is amazing to me. I'd desperately love to have a tour!
  • Drawing Class - I used to be insanely good at drawing (for my age), but I've fallen behind with it. I don't do it as often anymore, although I still love it just as much. I think being taught by a proper instructor, being challenged and learning new techniques would be so much fun.
  • Harry Potter Film Locations Tour - I saved the best for last. A free tour of filming locations in London, as well as vintage sweetshops where they sell chocolate frogs, and visiting the street Diagon Alley was inspired by. I genuinely can't imagine anything better.
Those are some of the events that stood out to me. I focused on events in London because it's my favourite city of all time, and it's also slightly more accessible for most of you than, say, Oslo. There are definitely still events for smaller cities though, so check it out no matter where you're based.

I can't applaud this website enough - it makes it way, way easier to find things to do, but also, to get your events out there. Last spring, for example, I helped to host a walk to raise money for cancer, and out main challenge was getting the word out there. Their event planning tools are free to use, and there are several free events on there too (like the volunteering at a Colour Me Rad run, which I'm seriously considering going to). 

Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is - instead of spending your days in bed watching netflix because you're bored (we're all guilty of it), it might be an idea to check out Eventbrite, for inspiration and ideas on things to do alone or with friends. Speaking of, can you imagine a better birthday present than a cupcake decorating class with a friend?

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  1. I have reached the bored stage right now so this website will be so useful! xx

  2. I am on the 3rd month of my summer holiday now and I am pretty bored! I haven't made the most of my summer but these ideas are great! Got to love Harry Potter studio tours though xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. This was such an interesting post, the Harry Potter film location tour sounds like the best thing ever! It's actually unreal how much I'm obsessed with Harry Potter lol! And I just saw your comment on my blog but couldn't reply for some reason but I just wanted to say thank you for your support. Also, I'm sending you lots of love for starting your new school and I'm wishing you the best of luck. I know it's tough, but it will make you a stronger person. If you ever need a chat you know where to find me ;) xxx

  4. Netflix is a total trap for me haha! Love this post and your blog is <3
    Morgan |

  5. I also nominated you for the blogger recognition awards if you're interested xxx