A Christmas Adventure


This post was written on Friday. Apologies for the low quality photos, they were all taken on my phone. 

 Today has been the best day in a long, long while. Some days are just so bright that they completely fill you up and envelop you in immense happiness, and today has been one of those for me.

To start it off, today was my last day of school before christmas break. I only had two classes, so I had a lie in and then went to school around noon. My first class passed really quickly. I then had art, my absolute favourite subject. To top it off, my cousin came by to pick up some stuff, so I got to briefly catch up with her by giggles in the supply room.

Once I got home, my roommate gave me my christmas present. Today is the last day I'm seeing her before after christmas, so we had a nice 'celebration', I suppose. Basically, a few weeks ago, we went into a nearby store and tried on the softest, fluffiest pyjamas they had. We both wanted them, but none of us bought any. My roommate, as lovely as she is, bought me a one-piece jumpsuit-pyjamas, that makes me feel like a huge baby. It's so incredibly soft, and I'm actually wearing it now, cuddled up in bed.

We then decided to go to our city's christmas fair. I've been wanting to go for ages, but just got around to it today. It was so, so beautiful. An absolute abundance of christmas lights, stalls, an iceskating rink and a ferris wheel.

Our first stop was, of course, the churros stand. Neither of us had tasted them before, but they tasted like deep-fried waffles. I loved them!

We also decided to go on the ferris wheel. Luckily we had the carriage to ourselves, and it was so much fun. As Norway has not yet given us a white christmas, we decided to take matters into our own hands by drizzling the spare sugar from our churros down through the gaps in our carriage. We literally could not stop laughing, although I do feel bad for the people it possibly landed on. Whoops.

The city looked breathtaking. We could see the beautiful national theatre, and all the way to the Kings Palace, lit up beautifully by christmas lights. The iceskating rink below was filled with people laughing and there was so much holiday cheer. 'Santa Baby' could barely be heard in the distance, but we sang at the top of our lungs anyway. I don't think I've felt that blissful in a long time.

We didn't end up going iceskating, but we did have some time to wander around the park. I even got to sit in Santa's throne (I didn't even know he had one):

There was a merry-go-round, and I've never felt so christmassy in my entire life. I've never really liked christmas much, but today has completely changed that for me. I can't imagine a better end to this term. Hand in hand with one of my best friends, singing christmas music, admiring the beautiful view, and non-stop, constant laughter that put us on the verge of falling over. I'm so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and it perhaps brought some light to your day. I'd love to hear about any christmas adventures you've been on this year, and if there haven't been any, just tell me about something you've done recently that's made you happy!

I'd also like to thank you for the support you've given me on this post. Merry christmas, I hope it'll be a good one for all of you. If not, I'm only a DM on twitter away.


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  1. This looks absolutely amazing! It looks similar to Winter Wonderland in London! I wrote about it on my blog!
    Really enjoyed reading this post!
    Merry Christmas!
    Freya x

    1. I think it's definitely a copy of Winter Wonderland! I'd really like to go to that sometime. I'll head over and have a look at your post now!

  2. Sounds like you had lovely time and that ferris wheel looks amazing, I'd love to go on one! x

    Kate// itskaterose.blogspot.com

    1. It was absolutely incredible! Ferris wheels are so beautiful, I love them.

  3. This looks sooooo Christmassy! I'd feel sooooo happy if I could visit here!

    Lissanne ~ mysweet-bookaddiction.blogspot.com

    1. I think it's very similar to Winter Wonderland in London, but I loved it so much!