Oslo in Autumn


Autumn and winter have never exactly been my favourite seasons. I love the sun, being in the warm and swimming, and winter has none of that.

I can't deny it's pretty though. I love looking at autumn and winter, because the colourful leaves and freshly fallen snow just feels so pure. 

So, a few weeks ago, I decided to bring my camera out and explore my new city a bit. It was just as the leaves fell, and it was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to share the result with you, so here you go:

There is also a fair bit of architecture in here, as I discovered some very special buildings.

 I absolutely love when plants climb on buildings like this, so I would basically do anything to live here. It's just so classic and cosy.

Fun fact: I had to stand outside here and wait for about 10minutes, so that the lady parked in front of it could move her car and get out of the frame. 

 I didn't realise you could actually find buildings like this here in Oslo, but just look how beautiful it is. And the colours!

 And at last, my very favourite photo out of these. I'm very proud of it, and I absolutely love the leaves in various shades, and the mysterious tone of the photo. 

Those are the photos I'm sharing with you today. I'm really happy with them, and I hope you enjoyed them too. Oslo really is a beautiful city, and the contrast between harsh architecture and nature is one of my absolute favourite parts. 

I'll show you more of my city sometime. Perhaps in the spring I'll take you down to the docks, and show you around the fortress, where I've never been but heard lots about.

I've done quite a few other photography posts where I explore different places, such as London. If you'd like to read through my photography posts, you can find them here.


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  1. Really cool pictures!! I wish my town looked like this!

    Lissanne ~ mysweet-bookaddiction.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you! Obviously some towns are prettier than others, but I'm sure if you explore a part of town you've never seen before, you'll find some real gems :)

  2. Hahaha oh god it must've been the longest 10 minutes ever waiting for the lady to move! Love the photos, it's really making me miss Oslo. :)

    -Sophie xx | cherriesandperfume.blogspot.com.au

    1. It really was! And I felt so rude and creepy just waiting outside their flat, whoops. Thank you so much though, I hope you come back soon!

    2. I might be going to Oslo for a year if university doesn't pan out! :D

    3. That's amazing! How many years away is that?

  3. Enjoyed in this photos, they are amazing xo


  4. Ah see I've always liked Autumn and Winter more than Spring and Summer. Oslo looks really beautiful in Autumn as well! :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I'm definitely growing into it! It really is, I love this city. Thank you!