Why I Hate New Years Eve


I really hate New Years Eve. Not only New Years Eve, but Halloween, our National Day and any day where you're expected to celebrate.

I'm certain I'm not the only person who's like this, but I feel like such a downer if I ever bring it up.

Honestly, I just really hate the pressure. I'm all for parties and going out, and I usually love it. But I don't like feeling like I have to.

The pressure to go out and party, dress up and then kiss someone at midnight is all too big. I really hate it, and in some ways, it makes me dread events like this.

This year, I've been a bit in-between friends here in the city. I have people to hang out with at school, but not really a set group who I can just call up and invite to hang out. I dreaded New Years Eve (along with halloween) because of this. It makes me feel like a loner, and like I don't belong here.
I know I could just go home and spend it with my friends back there, but then people would question why I didn't want to spend it in 'the big, exciting city' and I'd feel like a loser once again.

My roommate ended up bringing me along to a dinner party with her friends on New Years Eve, and I had a lovely time. It was a good night, but I spent a lot of the day stressing about where I would go.

I know I, as most teenagers, care way too much about what people think of me. If I wanted to stay home on New Years Eve, then I should just do it, and not care if it labels me as a loser. But I think a lot of us are like this, and times like New Years makes it worse.

The fear of not being invited to a party, and seeing everyone else enjoy themselves is just a bit too strong. I have a really big fear of missing out, which makes it even worse.

This post doesn't exactly have a set purpose. But if it in any way makes you feel like less of a loser, knowing you're not the only one who has no one to hang out with, or the only one who doesn't want to go out on New Years Eve, then I suppose that's enough.

I hope you didn't mind the very short post this week, but a lot of people seemed interested in this topic when I mentioned it on twitter. I put a longer one up last week, so if you're in for more of a read you can find that here (it's one of my favourites).


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  1. You should love new years eve and enjoy your life starting new year and making goals to figure out things. buy dissertations online

  2. I totally get these feels! I always get so excited for things like Christmas and New Year but then end up getting anxious and sad when they don't go the way I imagined! I don't drink so it adds even more to the feeling of being out of place when I go to a party, and truthfully I'd rather be curled up nice and warm at home with a cup of tea, but I get such bad fear of missing out when I see all my friend's snapchats doing something cool! It's so tough haha! I think we've just gotta go with the decision that's right for us and remember it's just one night after all :)

    1. Exactly, I'm always disappointed! I completely get what you mean, it's not that I want to go out, but I don't want to be the only one stuck inside either. Thank you for the lovely comment <3

  3. I loved this post, Amanda. I love reading such personal, inspiring posts. xo


  4. I totally understand why you might feel like that even though personally that's not something I feel. Instead I have a fear of time which is the reason why I dread new years eve.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I definitely feel you on the time-thing. I hate the idea of it passing, which makes New Years Eve so much worse.