My Day Out in Cambridge


I visited Cambridge with my mum a couple of weeks ago, to visit a friend who's studying there (and also just to explore the city). It was such a lovely day, and Cambridge far exceeded my expectations. 

As my friend is a student there, we were allowed into all the colleges, and she showed us around King's and St. John's, which are apparently the two most beautiful ones.

This is the entrance to King's, which is in the centre of town and a hotspot for tourists. Can you imagine studying somewhere like this? Living inside buildings that are hundreds of years old, and walking past the building where Watson & Crick discovered DNA on the way to a lecture. I mean, I knew the university was old and beautiful, but I wasn't expecting this.

This was the entrance to the library at King's, where they have an original work by Shakespeare. It just feels surreal that this is an actual place where people live.

St. John's was my favourite of the two. It was right on the river, and so we had a beautiful view. 

The sun also came out for a few minutes as we were standing there, which was a highlight in the otherwise cold, grey day.

You might've noticed from this blogpost that I'm quite taken with windows and doors when it comes to photography, so Cambridge felt like heaven to me.

This was taken as my mum almost dropped my camera, and is not, in fact, the result of a photoshoot. Still, it came out surprisingly cool, so I figured I'd share this true #candid. 

There was sadly a bit of construction being done on this tower, but I can't exactly complain, can I?

I can't even count how how many times I've said this in this blogpost, but, yet again, the fact that someone lives in these buildings is crazy to me.

Doesn't this look like the entrance to a courtyard from a medieval castle?

My mum also made me pose awkwardly in front of the King's entrance. It was slightly embarrassing, but I did get a few good photos, including a new icon for my twitter, to replace the christmas-themed one (it was long overdue).

Another photo of the traditional punting at Cambridge.

I apologise for the lack of quality photographs, but I did feel awkward bringing out my camera. Especially as there were only students around, it felt a bit violating to be photographing their homes, so I tried to keep it quick. Some of them I just couldn't resist though!

We also had the best pizza I've ever tasted, and then Chelsea buns at the apparently famous Fitzbillies. It was the best dessert of my life.

Overall, it was such a lovely day. I wasn't exactly looking forward to it - I figured it'd be quite awkward, as I'm not that close to the girl we visited. It turned out lovely though, and we bonded slightly again. What a lovely day, and a very happy memory.

Have you ever been to Cambridge?


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  1. Cambridge looks amazing! I love how you photographed the buildings! I love to take pictures of architecture too and this looks like heaven!

    x Lissanne -

  2. Lovely post! All the pictures are so pretty and I love the way you took them xx

    A x |

  3. Gorgeous photos! The place looks absolutely surreal. I can see you definitely had a great time. Loved reading this post Amanda! :D

    -Sophie xx | Cherries and Perfume