Music Favourites // Jan 2016


Hey guys!

A few months ago I did a blogpost about my music favourites, and I really enjoyed it, so I figured I'd do another one! Most of the albums in that post still remains to be my very favourite songs, bands and albums, so definitely check that out if you're interested. However, I have discovered several new albums and artists since then, and I really want to share them with you, so here we go.

Favourite songs

  1. Remembering Sunday - All Time Low (I think this has become my #1 favourite song, and that's a big deal!)
  2. Six Feet Under the Stars (Acoustic) - All Time Low
  3. Sugar We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy
  4. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of The Year - Fall Out Boy
  5. Youth - Troye Sivan
  6. Chocolate - The 1975

Favourite Albums
I literally adore every single song on these albums, and for once, they're actually in order (and the top three are definitely my favourites)!
  1. White Noise - PVRIS (my favourite song might be Holy)
  2. Badlands & Room 93 - Halsey
  3. Blurryface - Twenty one pilots
  4. Cavalier Youth - You Me At Six
  5. Made in the A.M. - One Direction (a bit of an 'embarrassing' one, but it is super catchy and is the ultimate feel-good album)
There we have it! I know that this post is significantly shorter than my last music post, but my favourite artists and albums from that post are still on replay now, so you might be interested in that.

I'd be super interested to find out what kind of music you listen to (I'm always on the lookout for new stuff) so please let me know what your favourite songs/albums/artists are!


Exploring Venice, Canal Boats and Beautiful Buildings // Photography


Hey guys! 

So if you guys follow me on twitter, you might know that I travelled to Italy for a few days in December, and of course I brought my camera! Here I figured I'd share some of the photos from Venice with you, because it was oh-so beautiful. 

These boats are absolutely everywhere in Venice, floating around in the canals. They're super fancy, and the people who steer them wear stripy shirts, hats and stockings. Adorable.

This was the view we saw the minute we arrived at the train station. The buildings are gorgeous, and the light was so golden so I just couldn't resist.

We took a trip in one of those gondolas, and I loved it. The water reflected in the bottom of the bridge, and it just looked so incredible.

I of course had to snap a shot of the little details on the gondola, such as the golden seahorse.

The very sparkly christmas decorations in the (unbelievably fancy) hotel we visited.

Ahh, all the narrow canals and streets. Bridges every few meters, all as extravagant as the next.

Welp, my face, as I'm standing on one of the bridges mentioned above.

Apparently this was Marco Polo's house (not that I know a lot about him to be honest), but it was so cute with all the flowers, flags and decorations.

There we have it, some of my very favourite photos from Venice. I LOVED it there, and beautiful is really the only word that leaps to mind. 

What's your favourite place you've ever travelled? Let me know in the comments!




There's something very beautiful about winter. Fresh snow on the ground, skeletal trees covered in frost. The sound the snow makes as you crush it with your feet. Hot drinks and nights spent inside with friends. Short but happy days spent out on ski slopes, snowboarding through fresh powder snow. Falling asleep with my curtain up and looking out at the town.

These are all things I love about winter.

Winter is my least favourite season, and I'm usually very vocal about this. Yet, when I'm walking home from the shop next to my friend, using the steep hill as an ice rink as we slip down it, laughing until we're crying, our hands so cold they feel stiff, I can't quite bring myself to hate it.

I can't bring myself to hate it when I spend an hour huddled in the cafe-section of our small shop with my friends, trying to defrost slightly before our trek home. 

I can't bring myself to hate it when I sit in a cafe with my best friend who I haven't seen in months, stirring our thick hot chocolates and watching our cold breath evaporate as we breathe. 

Even I have to admit that I can't say I'm very fond of it when I'm stuck outside, a lot of the time it isn't as bad as I make it out to be. Sometimes it's sort of fun, spending a chilly morning with my cousin, walking for an hour and a half down the tube line to find a vending machine. Our faces so frozen we can barely whisper our complaints about tiredness to each other, but still she finds a way to push me into the snow by the side of the road when I make fun of her. 

Winter is everything I hate - cold, dark, silent. And yet, I've found a way to  appreciate the small, nice things about it. Sure, I can't wait until the days start getting longer and warmer, and I can actually walk home from school in the light, but at the same time, I'm starting to appreciate this time of the year a bit more.

This post didn't really have much of a point. I was just sat thinking about all the happy times I've had these past few weeks/months, and it made me think. I guess the moral of this post is that 'happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light'.

I did a similar post about Autumn, which you can find here.


New Years Resolutions 2016


Hey guys!

So first of all, I have to apologise for not completing Blogmas. I was travelling (I'll be showing some photos in the next post), but in all honesty I just got lazy and prioritised family time instead of blogging.

As I'm sure you're aware, 2015 has just finished, which means it's new years resolutions time. I never used to be one to take advantage of these, but last year I surprisingly completed two of them! I managed to go pescetarian for the entire year and I also kept a journal for the year (advice on that can be found here).  I'm really happy with that (and I'm planning on continuing both for 2016), so I'd like to try a few for this year too.
Not my photo.
1. The first one if one that literally every human being on the planet has: make healthier choices. Stereotypical I know, but I'd really like to eat healthier and workout, as I used to be really good at this but have been slacking for the past few months. Here are some 'requirements' I've set myself:

  • Work out at least three times each week.
  • Stop eating when I'm not hungry.
Not my photo.
2. The next one has to do with my productivity involving basically all my work: I need to start making to do lists for the following day every single evening. I've been doing this every now and then, and it really makes me a lot more productive.

3. I'd also like to have up one blogpost every week. Sometimes there'll be several each week, and I'm not setting a specific day they should be uploaded on, I just really enjoy blogging and hate going on breaks from it.

4. This autumn I'll be starting a new school, hence this resolution: to be less awkward. Incredibly vague, I know, but I'd really like to stop being so shy around new people. 

Not my photo
5. Here's one that'll have to wait until the summer: learning to play the guitar. I've always wanted to be able to play an instrument, but this year my cousin and I have decided to take up guitar lessons together, and I'll have to start learning the chords this summer. My end goal of this year is to be able to play Remembering Sunday by All Time Low (I talk about their concert in this post, and about my general taste in music here), which is amazing and my all time favourite song (see what I did there?)

Those are all my new years resolutions! I'm doing good so far at least, one day in. I hope you've had an amazing 2015, and comment what your favourite things this past year was! I'd also love to hear about your new years resolutions are!

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