Back to School Essentials


Hello everyone!

Today I have a bit of a special post for you, as I'm doing a collaboration with the lovely Frances from Royally Rouge!

On her blog, she will be doing a Back to School Makeup Look, and over here there's Back to School Essentials (as you probably guessed by my title).

In this post I won't be focusing as much on schoolbooks, as that is different for everyone. I will, however, take you through some of my favourite items that I keep in my bag that I wouldn't be able to get through my day without.

The first one - my planner. I LOVE this thing. It's from Paperchase, and I keep absolutely everything in it. I write down homework, blogposts, plans with friends, workouts, and everything going on in my life. Our school does actually provide us with planners, but I decided it was more likely that I'd keep up with it if I chose the design and layout myself.

If you're at one of those unlucky schools where they don't let you listen to music while working, I feel for you! I wouldn't be able to live without mine, so I always have to have my headphones!

These colourful pens are a new addition to my collection this year - as is the planner above. I've actually used them a surprising amount, and come on, how satisfying is it to see them all colour coordinated like this? I find that I'd much rather review my notes if the titles and important words are written in bright pink or turquoise! I got this set for around £6!

My emergency kit - the little set that constantly livesin the bottom of my bag and will stay there every single day I'm at school. This little pouch is larger than necessary, but works fine and is from Primark. The main thing in my kit is a lipbalm - usually two, one for chapped lips and one coloured - because I get superdry lips and I find that lipbalm really calms me down during tests. Deodorant is something I very rarely use while at school, but just knowing its there makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Tampons, of course, speak for themselves, but you'd rather not forget these! The last thing in my kit is usually bobby pins. I have very short hair, and sometimes during art, I just need to get my fringe out of my eyes.

I mentioned this in my previous post about being healthy, but drinking water is super important! I know everyone tells you this, but seriously, bring a waterbottle between classes with you! It'll definitely help, and make you feel a lot better about yourself! It also gives you something to do when you're listening to a lecture.

Those are some of my school necessities that live in my bag, I hope that gave you some ideas! Let me know when you go/went back to school, as I know it's very different everywhere! I went back to school two weeks ago, but I know a lot of people don't go back for another few, so I wish you all luck with that!

Also, go check out Frances' blog! As I mentioned above, she's doing Back to School Makeup over at


How to Start a Diary


I know writing a diary is typically something looked down upon, or something your grandma tells you to do and you just roll your eyes. I know that, and yet I chose to set my new years resolution of 2015 to write a diary most days (one of the only ones that have ever lasted for more than two days). It's something I do quite often now, and I really enjoy it. It's like my own personal therapist, where I can write about absolutely anything I want without worrying about hurting someone's feelings. It's a place where I can say absolutely anything I want about something and not worry about being judged.

Just a note - Is it just me or is the font I've written in above very similar to that of Claude Monet on the cover? I had no idea that he and Taylor Swift had such similar handwriting!
Seeing as I've been writing consistently for a few months now, and am currently on my third diary, I figured I could call myself a senior diary-writer (lol). Therefore, I decided to use my position to share some tips and tricks with you, in case you'd like to start journaling.
This is by far my favourite one. It's from Paperblanks!
  1. What I consider the most important tip probably sounds stupid, but it's to buy a nice diary. A really, really nice one. This one is at least very important to me, and I take great care in looking for a new one. I figure it this way: If I'm going to pour my heart and soul into this object (although not literally, like Ginny did in the Chamber of Secrets), I want it to be an object that I can look at and be proud of. For the few months each of these diaries are in use they're like extensions of my brain, and having a really pretty one keeps me motivated to write. I'd recommend ones from Paperblanks, but TkMaxx do really good ones too.
  2. My second tip is what everyone advises you to do when starting something new, and that is to make it a habit. I'm not saying every day, but at least once a week have a habit that after dinner before you go to bed, you write. It makes it easier to do if you're not used to it.
  3. Slightly opposite to point #2, but you don't have to write down everything. You don't have to catch up on weeks worth of happenings if you haven't been writing during that time. To me, that would make me put it off even more, because having to write so much at once seems daunting to me.
  4. Just write. Seems simple, and it really is, so don't put so much pressure on yourself. Just write about what you had for breakfast, or why you and your friend got in a fight. Anything you want there, belongs in your diary.
  5. This is something that took me a long time to get used to, and that is to make sure I'm writing to myself. It seems obvious, of course I'm writing to myself! But no, I noticed that in the beginning I was writing more like what I would want someone else to read, which doesn't help at all. What's the point in that? So just make sure you're writing to the you who's here right now, not the one twenty years from now.
Those are all the tips I have for now, I hope some of you enjoyed it! As I mentioned earlier, I would really recommend starting a diary, because it just feels so freeing. Please let me know if you journal, or if you're thinking about starting!


The Versatile Blogger Award


Hey everyone!

Today I'm doing a bit of a different post, because I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much to Georgia Charlotte, she is so incredibly lovely so go and have a look at her blog!

Now, there are five steps to the Versatile Blogger award, all of which I will try to follow:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you - Check. See above.
  2. Include a link to their blog - Also check. Just press the name and it'll lead you right to it.
  3. Nominate bloggers you follow regularly - Hmm, how am I supposed to choose?
  4. Include 7 facts about yourself - This should be the easiest step, shouldn't it?
So, to some of my favourite blogs who I think deserve this award:
These are all amazing girls with amazing blogs, which really inspire me. I think they all deserve this award, and please go and have a look at their blogs!

Now on to the facts about me part:
  1. I have a dog called Charlie, who's a labradoodle and the cuddliest thing on earth.
  2. I'm a massive fan of Taylor Swift.
  3. I'm very passionate about feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights, because honestly, they're just human rights.
  4. I really enjoy debating with my friends, and I love talking about things that stir up opinions. This isn't to cause arguments or anything, I just really enjoy hearing other people's sides to a story.
  5. My favourite vegetables are sweet potatoes, I freaking love them. Although, I tried last night to make sweet potato burgers, and I have to admit, it ended up more like burnt and scrambled sweet potatoes.
  6. My zodiac sign is a cancer, and although I don't believe in zodiac horoscopes, nothing pleases me more than tumblr posts which try to tell me my favourite movie based on it.
  7. My favourite colour is probably blue.
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! 


My Favourite Youtubers


Hello everyone!

Today I figured I’d do a post about some of my favourite youtubers, because as you’d know if you follow my twitter, I watch a lot of youtube. I’d like to point out that I actually mainly watch daily vlogs, but I decided to only talk about main channels in this post, as I guess those are the ones you’d find most interesting.

  1. I’m including the first three here in a group, because I think all of you probably watch them, or at least know who they are: Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter and Tanya Burr. These three are so sweet, and manage to cheer me up so well.
  2. Someone I discovered recently is Meg Says, who also has blog. She is the kindest, calmest, most motivating little gem who I absolutely love to watch. She talks about mainly beauty, lifestyle and health, and I find it all very interesting. Her videos are perfect to watch on a sick day or before bed, as her voice is so comforting and just cheers me up. 
  3. Not even joking, I am currently rewatching a lot of her old videos right this instant. Fabulous Hannah is so relatable and hilarious that I literally laugh out loud. She speaks about her life in such a hilarious way, and I can’t help but love her. 
  4. Velvetgh0st is someone who I personally find so motivating. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and talks about the good and the bad in her life, which definitely helps keep me grounded. I know she is very controversial, but I personally adore her.
  5. The last person on this list is Hannah Witton. She’s not scared to give her opinion on things, and her videos are surprisingly informative. She talks a lot about sexuality, gender roles, and is just plain educational and funny.

There you have it, the main channels I watch on a regular basis. I’d recommend you to check all these out, if you aren’t already subscribed. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’d be happy to do more similar ones in the future. Who are some of your favourite youtubers?


Life Update


So. Here I am. This feels weird.

I haven't written a blogpost for almost a month. A month! Well, that technically isn't true. I've been writing - I probably have about ten posts scribbled in my diary for you - I just haven't had the internet to publish them, as I've spent my entire summer at our cabin with limited 3G.

Now I'm back. Back to blogging, back to school (tomorrow, and I'm full of nerves), back to exercising, and back to regular routines. I wishI had a longer holiday, but I suppose it'll be nice to get into my routine of life again (at least that's what I'm telling myself, truthfully I'd much rather never go back to school).

Which, as a matter of fact, I would legally be able to do. By norwegian law, I can now drop out and not continue on with schooling. This seems crazy to me, the idea that at this age I should be able to live alone, be responsible and find a job.

That's really all I have to say in this blog post. I suppose this is nothing more than a little life update to say that I'm back on track. I want to try getting two posts up a week now, although not on set days. I also have a bunch more of exciting photos to share with you!

I'd also really like to say thank you. Thank you all for reading, commenting, and following my blog. It really means a lot! I love you all very much, and I'll see you sometime this weekend!