The Day I'll Never Forget // 22nd of July


5 years ago today, a Norwegian man bombed our parliament and, dressed as a policeman, shot 77 teenagers at a youth camp. Up until that day, everyone always thought 'no, something like that would never happen in Norway' and it was true. This was the worst act of terrorism in my country since the second world war. I don't think any of us have ever felt as vulnerable and disheartened as we did that day and the following months.

I remember sitting in the car with my mum and best friend and hearing the news on the radio. None of us believed it. In panic, we pulled over to the closest petrol station. We had to stop, silent, and take a few minutes to let it sink in. I remember frantically calling my cousin to check that they were alright, and she told me that they'd been in a nearby cinema at the time. Feeling the ground shake, they didn't know what it was, because this is little peaceful Norway and no one ever expects anything that bad. 

That night, I sat up with my mum. Until the early hours of the morning, we stared at the tv, seeing the number of deaths just rise and rise. Counting them, and as they rounded 10, 20, 50, we could no longer see them as individual people.

These were all teenagers, barely older than myself at the time. I couldn't comprehend the fact that these weren't just numbers, they were people with actual lives. They all had families and friends who I'm sure had all spent the night screaming down the phone in tears, or at the edge of a hospital bed. They all had homes, schools and communities that they belonged to, and pets who would never understand why they didn't come home.

I wasn't directly affected by this attack. I didn't know any of the victims. But still, I've walked past tombstones at my local church with the date 22.07.2011engraved on them. I didn't know any victims, but I knew of them. A girl who went to a school in my town. The brother of an acquaintance. People I've never met who I wouldn't otherwise spare a thought to. I've seen the graves covered by flowers at all times of the year. I've seen memorial services, and I've seen parades walking through the capital with roses every year to remember what happened.

Everyone always thinks that nothing would ever happen here. In our beautiful country full of empty valleys and fjords, nothing like this could ever take place. We're known for our peace, and every tiny thing makes the news here. The weather is often front-page news, and if someone is as much as reported missing, it'll take over the news for three days straight. 

22nd of July is a special day for all of us. A lot of us, including me, go about my day as usual. I do all the things I usually do, but it's in the back of my mind all day. The sun doesn't shine quite as brightly this day, and nobody's smiles quite as wide. Although it's been five years, we're all still in mourning. For the victims, yes, but also for the serenity of our country that got stolen that day. 


16 things I did when I was 16


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 17, and for once, it was a great birthday. My brother surprised me at work, and made me wear a crown all day. After work, my mum and I went into the city and had a lovely day out. Not wildly exciting, but that's what happens when your bir
thday falls in the middle of summer and every single one of your friends is out of the country.

Last year I did a post called 15 things I did when I was 15. It was a really fun post to write, and as you all seem to enjoy posts about me and what I'm up to, I figured this would fit well.

1. Went on a 7 hour hike - I live in Norway, and so the nature here is known for being particularly beautiful here. It truly is, but I don't think I realised until this hike! Sure it took us about 7 hours (it took one of the girls in our grade 11.5, we all thought they'd gotten lost) and it was exhausting, but the view made it all worth it.

2. Cut off my hair - I'm pretty sure I included this in last year's post too, but this year I took it way further! Last year I went from long tangly hair to shoulderlength, whereas this year I went from shoulderlength to basically a pixie. Although it went through about 6-months of awkward phases while gradually going shorter (and now another few while now growing it out) I really liked it short!

3. "Learned" to drive - Fine, this is an exaggeration. I can't drive at all, but I have driven on the road a few times, and I'm able to change gears and do basic driving stuff. I really don't enjoy it at all, but I try to do it relatively often.

4. Made a cookbook - Bit of a weird one here, but for a year-long school project, I made a vegetarian cookbook that focused on food photography. I got a top mark and I'm really proud of the end result! I don't want to risk anything by posting any of the photos here or linking you to it yet as my grades haven't been internationally approved, but as soon as they are I'll for sure share some of my favourite recipes!

5. Went white-water rafting - On the same trip as our long hike, we also went white-water rafting! I was terrified and didn't find it much fun during the first half if I'm honest, but as I got used to the speed, the cold and the falling-into-the-water part, it was pretty cool.

6. Saw Halsey live - I love concerts, I'm sure you've all realised from all the posts I do from them. The Halsey one was no different. I discovered her music this year too, and I'm genuinely inspired by how empowering and determined she is.

7. Took the train across the country - I'm used to travelling alone. The first time I flew overseas by myself was when I was seven, and visited my grandparents in England. This time, I took the train across the country to visit my brother for a weekend. It wasn't a big deal for me, but it was a really great weekend, and I so enjoyed the trainride.

8. Found a group of close friends - So cheesy, but this year I've really found a bunch of people who I get along with so well, and who make me very happy. I love them all a lot, and I don't feel like I've really had that before. People who appreciate me just as much as I appreciate them, and it's great.

9. Went to Venice - and LOVED it! It was amazing and so picturesque. I went with my mum, and as we rarely spend time together, it was such a lovely and needed trip!

10. Saw Adele Live - This night completely shifted my life. Incredible doesn't even begin to describe it. I know, I'm cliché, and I'm sorry, but everything about Adele that night just revolutionized the way I see the world.

11. Found my style - This year, I think  I might have found my style! As every teenager, I've gone through endless stages of fashion (some worse than others), but I've finally found the kind of style that I absolutely love. I'd love to do a 'fashion inspiration' post sometime soon, so let me know if you'd like that! Here's a sneakpeek:

12. Learned to deal with failure - Again, so cliché, but I had a really big downfall this autumn. Something I'd put all my effort into for years, and then didn't work out. I was devastated, but I've since realised that it was for the best. The alternative is better for me, and I'm sure will make me happier in the long run, although I didn't think it at the time.

13. There's nothing wrong with taking time to oneself - It took me a while to realise that I don't need to be part of everything, or at every party. I still definitely struggle with FOMO (a post about this will be up soon!), but it has gotten way better.

14. Left school - sort of. I still have to do our version of sixth form left, but I'm leaving the tiny town I live in for the 'big city' and a new school. I don't want to fill this with things I've said before, so you can read about that here.

15. Got my first proper job - and I look forward to it every day. I literally beg my boss for extra hours and always stay as long as I can because I just love it so much. Again, I already did a post about this, which you can read here!

16. Reached 150 followers! - My most recent accomplishment. It took me over a year to reach 100 followers, and now within 2 months, I've reached 150! I thought the goal of 150 before my birthday was very ambitious and unrealistic. I'm very proud, so thank you all so much. This is, again, so cliché, but I appreciate it all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So there are the things I've done this year. It's been a great year in terms of almost everything, so thank you. For now, I'm going to go to bed and wake up 17!

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Weird Things That Happen at My Job and Why I Love It


You might think I'm crazy, but every day when I come home from work, I'm so blissfully happy. Exhausted and with painful feet, but happier and happier every day.

I'm pretty sure I tweet "I LOVE MY JOB" at least twice a week, but I honestly can't say it enough. However, this post isn't going to me just telling you how happy it makes me, as I can't imagine that would be very interesting. Instead, I'm telling you about my job in general; what I do, what it's like, and last and most importantly, strange things that happen at my job.

I work at a tiny seaside bakery, and it's absolutely exhausting. I work nine to ten hours a day, starting at 7.30. I'm on my feet all day, running around, icing cakes and serving customers. When I come home, I need a solid hour (at least) of recuperating before I can handle human contact. 

It all makes it worth it though, when I get to bring a few of these goodies home everyday for free! I swear, my family and neighbours love me so much more nowadays because of this.

I only ever work with one or two other people, and it's a super busy bakery. Most of my customers are the friendliest people on earth, and love to small-talk, and so I get to know most of them pretty well. There are definitely some very strange ones too, and I think this is the weirdest one I've ever served:

From what I'm about to tell you, you might think this is some teenager with a metabolism that can handle anything. Nope, this guy was probably over 80. One of our bestsellers are buns, and it's not uncommon for people to buy over ten at a time to bring home and share. This poor old man however, bought 16 of them, as well as a sandwich, an ice cream, and a cup of coffee. As most reasonable people would assume, I figured he'd bring the buns home for his grandchildren or something. He sat down, and in one sitting finished the large sandwich, the ice cream, sixteen buns and a cup of coffee. As if this was a normal thing to do. 

I know I shouldn't be laughing, and at that moment I was definitely struggling to hide my very confused laughter. I also had one guy come in and pay for 48 bread rolls, filling up two large shopping bags. People are strange, I swear. 

There have also been a few - less funny, more creepy - instances, but they're not quite as entertaining, so I'll save those for another time. 

I really don't know where this post was going or what interest it has to you, but some of you've said that you'd love to hear more about my job, and I thought I'd include some instances that had me and my friends in tears from laughing so hard at them!

Just a quick note - sorry for my not-great blog design at the moment! I need to redo my header to fit this new theme, and if any of you know some very basic HTML or coding for blogger, I'm in desperate need of a bit of help! (Also, could some of you perhaps tell me if my blog scrolls in jumps? Thanks!)

I'm also two off my goal on bloglovin, and I'd love to reach it before my birthday next week (hint hint):



The A-Z of Me


My favourite posts to read are always the ones where you get to know the blogger, and so what better post to write than this one? It’s been going around recently, and I’ve loved all the ones I’ve read, so I figured I’d do one of my own!

If you don’t know what this is, here is one thing about me for every letter of the alphabet:

Adele - One of my very favourite artists, who I don't think I could ever grow sick of.
Bakery - Where I'm working this summer, and I love it! (watch out for a post about this next - I've had a lot of humiliating/weird moments there that I'm planning on sharing!)
Charlie - My absolutely adorable dog! This was her as a puppy, and although she might not be quite as fluffy now, she still melts hearts left and right.

How beautiful isn't she?? I just want to cuddle her so badly.

Daydreamer - Perhaps my very favourite song by Adele (along with the one mentioned further down in this post).
Ed Sheeran - Who I've loved since 2011 and have seen twice in concert.
This was the first time I saw him! Front row at a tiny festival, I was so happy I'm surprised I didn't die and go to heaven right then and there.
FabulousHannah - My favourite youtuber, she always makes me laugh.
Garlic - The one thing I add to basically any dish I make.
Hufflepuff - What I recently discovered to be my Hogwarts house! For a long time I thought I was a Ravenclaw, but I've always known Hufflepuff suits me better, and the new Pottermore test confirmed that!
Ice cream - At my first day of work this week, I tried to use the ice cream machine, and the liquid exploded all over me, the floor, the walls, and my boss. So I'm listing this under 'most humiliating moment'.
Johnny Boy - The only thing I can think of here is the song Johnny Boy by twenty one pilots. I do really like the song though, and it's definitely one of my favourite songs from them.
Kick Me by Sleeping with Sirens - The first time I heard this song I was sitting in the car with my brother and his friends after not having seen him for a few months, and we were all singing loudly on our way to buy pizza. I love the song, but I think this memory makes it way better.
London - One of my favourite places, I could stay there forever.

Modern Family - A series I think we all depend on to cheer us up.
New York - A city I’ve only been to once, but where I would desperately love to live someday.
One and Only - I love this song, and as FabulousHannah once mentioned, I want this played at my wedding.
Photography - Kind of ashamed to call this my hobby as I'm not very good at it, but yes, my main hobby.
The Quibbler - Fine, this one's a stretch. The only one I could find to fit this letter, but I do love Luna Lovegood, so I suppose that's relevant enough to count.
Raspberries - Can you imagine anything better on top of a chocolate cake? I just love berries.
Summer - Everyone's favourite season, me included. Who doesn't love time off school, and what's meant to be hot weather?
Twentyone pilots - a band I love and one I'm (hopefully) seeing in October!

Uma Thurman - The ultimate Fall Out Boy jam.

Vintage - Ugh, this makes me feel like such a wannabe tumblr gal, but I recently bought my very first item from the very first vintage-thrift shop I've ever been to, and I've worn the denim jacket every single day since. 
Wakeboarding - If you don't know what this is, it's basically standing on a board holding on to a rope while being towed behind a boat. Took me a while to learn, but it's so much fun!
Apologies for the poor photo, but it is surprisingly hard to take good photos on a fast boat!
X - A really great Ed Sheeran album.
Youth by Troye Sivan- This was also a tough one,  and I tried not to include too many songs on this list, but it made it a lot easier! This song is awesome though, as I'm sure you all know.
Z - I admit defeat. I've been sitting here for ages trying to come up with the last few letters, and this is the only one remaining. I give up. 

I was also planning on including the Norwegian letters Æ, Ø and Å, but I struggled enough as it is with the English ones! 

Most of my posts are easy to write and the sentences are already formed before I manage to write them down, but this one really stumped me! This was a challenge to write, but definitely fun.

I'm sure you noticed that I linked quite a few relevant posts in this post, so I hope you check them all out. Also, I turn 17 in three weeks and would love to reach 150 bloglovin followers before then, so please make sure you're following me!