Christmas Wishlist


Hey guys!

As I'm sure you've all realised by now, Christmas is fast approaching. That means presents. I already did a christmas gift guide, which you can find here, but to be honest, it's equally as hard to know what to answer when people ask you what you want for christmas.

My friends and I don't really give each other a bunch of presents, and I'm not actually asking for any of these (mostly because the shipping is expensive to Norway), but here are some things that I would really love to receive:

This is my #1 favourite. I have a tiny (read: huge) obsession with maps, and so a scratch off map seems like a dream. Imagine how cute it would be to have this hanging on your wall, with a few countries scratched off and showing different colours. I would freaking love this.

I'm an incredibly huge fan of Halsey, and this is definitely my favourite lyric of hers (and is from the song 'Hurricane'). I'm actually seeing her live in February, which I can't wait for, and I think this t-shirt would be great to wear. I'd also just like it in general, and I think this t-shirt worn with boyfriend jeans (ironic) would be incredibly cute.

How cute is this? I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan, and I've been seeing these necklaces everywhere. I find them absolutely adorable, and I think I'd eventually pluck up the courage to wear one of them. 

My jewelery drawer is so cluttered that it's impossible to find anything. This rose gold stand would definitely sort out my earrings and other jewelery, and is something I'd genuinely like for christmas. It's just so cute too, isn't it?

As you might know from this post, I do write a journal and I find it very useful. I take great care in which diary I choose, and I really love this one from Paperblanks. It's adorable, and I like the sound of the magnetic clasp when it closes.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and perhaps you got some ideas on what to ask for or get for your friends for christmas! Let me know some things that you want for christmas down in the comments!


My Favourite Christmas Books


Nothing cheers me up quite like a good book, although I do find it quite hard to make time for it during the school year. I definitely read the most during the summer, but Christmas time is a close second. Can anything really beat cuddling up in the sofa under a blanket, reading you favourite book with a hot chocolate in hand?

I have a list of favourite books (which you can find here), and they all make me so happy. However, there is something very special about having a book specific to christmas, or that give you that very special christmas feeling. In this blogpost I thought I'd show you what my three very favourite books around christmas-time are.

The first and main one is of course Let It Snow, by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. It consists of three short stories that intertwine. They're humorous and cosy, and just generally happy. I can read it over and over, and although it's not necessarily a challenging read it's the kind of book that just leaves you very happy and grateful. I would definitely reccommend it, and it is the number one book that gets me in the holiday mood.

Another book, which was featured on my Top Ten Favourite Books of All Time, is Dash and Lily's Book of Dares. It's written by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, and is about two characters who get to know each other through a hidden notebook when they're both  lonely in New York City during Christmas. It reminds me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower but just a lot more christmassy (there we are again with that word). It's a really entertaining and funny book, and definitely makes you want a cute holiday romance.

The next one aren't directly christmas related, but still definitely cheers me up and puts me in a holiday mood. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is probably my number one favourite book of all time. There's something about this one in particular that really makes me want to cuddle up and read it with my cousin, which also brings back so many happy memories.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and let me know what you thought! Do you like any of these books? What are some of you favourite books?

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Strange Nordic Christmas Traditions


Hey guys!

Sorry I've been a bit absent recently, but December will make up for it! I'll be blogging every other day until Christmas Day, with only Christmas related posts! I hope you're as excited as I am for this.

Today I figured I'd start you off with something to make you laugh. As some of you may know if you're a regular reader, I live in Norway (more about that here), and we have some very strange christmas traditions. As my family is English, we don't really follow many of these, but they still crack me up when my friends tell me about them.

Not my photo
A little disclaimer - I don't know whether these are celebrated other places or whether they're originally Norwegian, but I know they're celebrated regularly in Norway, so I figured I'd share.

1. The first one might shock you if you're not used to it, but we actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. It's a regular work day for adults, and presents are unwrapped late in the evening, after dinner. The origin of this is actually that Jesus was (apparently) born during the night between the 24th and 25th of December, and so the date celebrated varies from country to country.

Not my photo
2. Lille julaften, the name we have for the 23rd (which directly translates to little christmas eve) is also celebrated strangely. This is the day where your entire family sits around the table wearing 'nisseluer' and drawn-on freckles and cheeks covered in blush, eating porridge made of rice. It sounds disgusting, but it actually really nice. You'd sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon, and then have a dollop of butter in the middle, which melts and tasted really nice with the cinnamon. In the porridge we also hide an almond which has been peeled, and the person who gets this wins marsipan in the shape of a pig. I suppose this is quite similar to looking for the penny in christmas pudding.

Not my photo
3. We all have the advent calendars full of chocolate, but here there's one that every family has hanging in their window. On the 30th of November every year, each family is supposed to prick 24 dried carnations into an orange, and pull out one every day until we've reached christmas eve. It's quite disgusting actually, as the orange obviously goes out of date, and so they always end up being thrown away within the first week.

4. The weirdest one, in my opinion, is where kids basically go trick or treating. It's called 'julebukk' and children are supposed to dress up as either a christmas goat or a 'nisse' and go around to neighbours to sing christmas songs and get sweets in return. It takes place any time between christmas day and new years eve, and always puzzles me.
Those are some bizarre Christmas traditions that are considered normal here in Norway, even though most people honestly don't understand why. I'm not sure how exclusive to Scandinavia these are, but I hope you enjoyed anyway. 

Let me know what you thought, and if you've every done any of these, or some strange traditions your family has! I'd love to know. I'll be back on the 3rd of December for the next post of Blogmas!


Hello November


Hello November!

It's been a while I since I did one of these posts, and this is coming a tiny bit later in the month than I'd have liked. But here we are, November already.
If you're familiar with this type of post from my previous ones (June, July, September) you'll know that today I'm going to reflect on last month's goals and set new ones:

  1. Keep on track with schoolwork - I definitely did well on this. I had a few really important exams earlier this week (which went really well) and although I'm slightly behind right now, I've been really good at handing in my assignments and doing things on time.
  2. Publish 7 posts for September - I guess this didn't work out. I had 7 in total for September and October, which actually makes me really sad. Blogging takes my mind off things and makes me really happy, and I want to do it more often.
  3. Get back on track healthwise - Nope, can't say I've even improved slightly in that area, sitting here drinking hot chocolate and eating peppermints. As soon as I get back to Norway though, this will definitely be a priority.

Here are my goals for November, a lot of which might be similar to September's:
  1. I need to get back to exercising and eating healthy. At the moment I just feel so sluggish, and my clothes don't quite fit like they used to. My goal is to just stop snacking so much, and I'm aiming to exercise at least three times week. I did a post a few months back about small ways that I try to keep healthy, and I'll definitely need to revisit that myself.
  2. Stop procrastinating. Typical, right? I so often find myself spending hours and hours on tumblr, procrastinating something that would only have taken me 30min. This has to stop!
  3. Write in my journal at least twice a week. You probably know from this post that I really love writing in my diary as it helps sort my thoughts out, and I find myself a lot more relaxed when I do it regularly. Since the summer, I'd say I've written on average every fortnight, and although these have been incredibly long to catch up on everything I'm doing, I prefer to do it more regularly.
  4. Keep my room tidy. I'm infamous for having perhaps the most untidy room out of everyone I know. I'm not even exaggerating, as the most you can see of my floor at one time is probably half a squared foot. This is a problem for me, as it always makes me feel guilty, so my goal is to tidy my room 15min every day, as I know this is overcomeable.
Last month I set a new system in place for myself that I completely forgot to tell you guys about. However, I've started hanging a monthly calendar on my wall, where I mark off the days I do each of these things. I'm doing it for November too, and I'll share the result with you on 1st of December.
I just put a small dot on each day I've worked out, eaten healthy, written in my diary and done homework. Each of these are different colours, so I can maintain a streak and at the end of the month, I can properly see how well I've done.

Then onto the fun things I have planned for November: The only problem is that I genuinely have no plans this month. I'm sure there'll be parties and hangouts with friends, but none that are set in stone yet. So instead, I'll (only for this month) share a few things that I'd ideally like to do:

  1. Bake a gingerbread house. I'm not much keen on Christmas to be honest, but baking a gingerbread house is something I always enjoy. I'd love to get this done in November, so it can have as long as possible to decay into a rockhard building that no one would ever want to eat. (I'll definitely document my process on twitter, so make sure to follow me there).
  2. Go to a ballet show. This is actually the only set plan I have. One of my closest friends is an amazing ballet dancer, and although I usually don't enjoy sitting through 2 hours of ballet, it's slightly different when you're watching people you love. I'm actually quite excited.
  3. Start using my instagram properly. I have an instagram for my blog, but to be honest, I suck at following a theme and posting. I think this is because 99% of the photos I take are taken on my large camera, and transferring them from there to my phone is just a lot of hassle. There's litle I appreciate more than a nice instagram feed though, so I do want to work on this.
That's it for today! Perhaps not the most exciting, but oh well. I hope you enjoyed it anyways! Please let me know what your goals and/or plans for this month are!

Also, I think I'd quite enjoy dong a few christmas themed posts this year, although I'm not usually a big fan of christmas. If you have any ideas for christmas themed posts you'd like to see, let me know in the comments! I'm quite a pro gift giver if I do say so myself, so there might be a gift guide coming!

Quick sidenote - I just noticed my bloglovin hit 50 followers, and I can't tell you all how much this means to me! Thank you so incredibly much, I love you all 


Norwegian Nature and Hiking // Photography


Hey guys!

Today I'm here with another photo post, but slightly different this time. If you follow me on twitter, you'll know that I spent a weekend in August camping with my class.

For those of you who don't know, I live in Norway. The town I live in is quite small and bland, and so I usually put up a protest when people tell me how lucky I am to live in this beautiful country. This trip however, has changed my view on that.

We went white-water rafting one of the days, which I really wish I had photos of for you guys because it was so much fun (and also absolutely terrifying), but I obviously couldn't bring my phone in the water.

We also went on a 10 hour hike up a mountain called Besseggen, which was exhausting but totally worth it. It was more of a climb, and every time we reached what we thought was the top, it turned out that we were far from it.

Disclaimer - All of these photos are mine (as always), but as I obviously couldn't bring my big camera with me, they're all taken with my phone, hence the quality.

This was what our view was like for a good 4 hours of the hike - absolutely breathtaking. 

Reindeer are so normal in Norway, they're considered a pest. Usually they sneak into our gardens and eat our flowers, but seeing them in such a peaceful setting was actually quite nice.
It's insane how different the two colours of the water is. If you look at the top photo, you can see the dark blue, which is the colour water usually is. And then, up here, there's this bright turquoise lake. It's incredible.
Here we are at the actual top. 8.5 hours later, and I convinced my friends that in order to claim that we actually reached the top, we would have to clamber to the top of this cluster of rocks.

Yet another photo of the beautiful view, but this time featuring the back of my head! Yay!

Here are some more of the reindeer, they were so majestic! 

The view on the way down, as the sun was about to set. Exhausted and hungry with our blisters burning, it was a really beautiful hike.

And here is the beautiful, incredibly clear water, which is the river below in this coming photo:

Here is the little rope walkway we had to pass to get to our camping grounds. Try doing this late at night, carrying all your stuff!

Those are all the photos I'm sharing with you today, and I hope you enjoyed it! I freaking loved this trip and although these are phone photos, they accurately show what it looked like. 

Let me know what you thought, and tell me in the comments: what's the best place you've been?

Beauty / Fashion

The Joy of Shopping


I have a confession to make: I love shopping. Yes, you’ve probably heard every teenage girl you know say this at one point, and it is rather stereotypical. I feel like when I say this though, people look at me as materialistic and spoilt, and don’t really understand 

 It’s not about the clothes I end up with at the end of the day, not really. It’s about the feel of the fabric as I brush my fingers across a rack of shirts. It’s about the wonderful outfits that come to mind as I see a particular piece.

It’s the feeling of putting on a piece in the changing room and knowing exactly what would look good with it. It’s about how confident I feel as I find a pair of perfectly fitting jeans. It’s the feeling of finding the most gorgeous skirt among  a bunch of rubbish. Those are the reasons I love shopping.

I prefer shopping alone. Perhaps this is because I’m used to it, or that I don’t have any really close female friends, but I love being able to spend three hours in a shop if that’s what I want to do. I like being able to go back into the changing room several times with the same dress without anyone rolling their eyes at me. 

Few things make me feel calmer than strolling through the same few shops all day long, browsing through the same selection of items. I could spend hours in super
drug, testing different colours of lipstick on the back of my hand, only to end up buying nothing. 

Do you like shopping? What's your favourite thing to shop for?

Also, check out my social media for updates! I tweet a lot, and I'm on tumblr waaaayyy too much:


8 Reasons I Love Autumn


Hey everyone!

As I've mentioned a few times before, summer is definitely my favourite season. I love the heat, and I love long lazy days lying in the grass. My least favourite season: Autumn. I just don't get it.

Anyway, this post isn't about hating autumn, it's about trying to enjoy it. I've been trying recently to enjoy every moment of my life, and this includes autumn. Therefore, this post will be about reasons to love autumn. To be honest, this is just as much to persuade myself as you guys, but I hope this inspires you too:

  1. Cold evenings. I don't ever really see cold as a good thing, but the idea of curling up in the corner of our couch with my duvet, a cup of berry tea and watching America's Next Top Model with my mum does seem rather tempting.
  2. Cinnamon porridge. Let's be real, I eat something with cinnamon probably five days a week all year round. Still though, it's just more appropriate to eat carrot, cinnamon and raisin muffins (I just made a batch downstairs, no joke) during autumn.
  3. Fashion. I do prefer summer dresses and sandals, but I also can't resist Dr. Marten boots and and my grey wool peacoat. Of course, black jeans and flannels are also a big love of mine.
  4. Carving pumpkins. I did this last year, and it was an absolute catastrophe. Pumpkin guts everywhere, freezing cold hands and a pumpkin that just broke into pieces... I can't wait to try again, although hopefully it'll be a success this time. Also - sidenote, a few years ago I carved my pumpkin into having a Harry Potter face. It's still my proudest achievement. 
  5. Mulled Wine. What I really mean by this is a norwegian drink that is only sold during the autumn, and tastes like cinnamon, raisins, christmas and happiness in a mug. I freaking LOVE it, and the closest translation I could find was mulled wine, although I'm not quite sure if that's correct.
  6. Halloween. I'm not really a fan of halloween, so for the past few years I've mostly stayed in with friends. This year though, I think it would be fun to go out and do something, and I'm starting to get a bit excited about planning my costume.
  7. Cold nights. My bed is right by a window, and one of my favourite things all time is having the cold wind fill my room, and blow over my face while I'm covered by a very warm duvet. 
  8. Walks in the woods. Not something I make a habit of doing, but I'd love to. When I do actually take our adorable dog outside in the forest, it always makes me feel so calm. I can't wait for the leaves on the trees to turn red.

Those are all the reasons I can come up with that I'm excited for these coming months, and honestly, it's getting me quite excited! I hope this post raised your spirits slightly too! Let me know what your favourite season is, and what you're excited for this autumn!


Music Favourites // Oct 2015


"Ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here." -Albus Dumbledore

Like most people, I really love music. It helps me focus and I genuinely feel like I'm connecting with the artists I'm listening to. It can completely change my mood and make me feel a lot better about myself. Therefore, I figured I'd share my music favourites with you.

I listen to a lot of different types of music, and so there are a few different genres in here.I hope you enjoy!

Favourite Songs
These are some of my all time favourite songs that I can listen to over and over again. In no particular order:

  1. The Reckless and the Brave - All Time Low
  2. Come on Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners (All my friends know that this is the number one song to cheer me up and guarantee me to dance)
  3. Somewhere in Neverland - All Time Low
  4. Ohio (Come Back to Texas) - Bowling for Soup (Bit of a weird one, but it has such great memories connected to it that I love it so much)
  5. The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
  6. Vagabond - The King's Parade (I saw this band in Camden as a street performance, and bought their CD on the spot because they're amazing!)
  7. Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
  8. Missing You - All Time Low (The best feel-good song out there)
  9. WILD - Troye Sivan
  10. Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club
  11. Fresh Start Fever - You Me At Six
  12. Lost in Reality - 5 Seconds of Summer
  13. Girls - The 1975
  14. This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars (sure, this isn't the original music video, but let's be real, it's a lot better)
Favourite Albums
Here are some of the albums on which I truly adore every single song:
  1. Don't Panic, It's Longer Now - All Time Low
  2. 1989 - Taylor Swift
  3. Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy
  4. X - Ed Sheeran
  5. Future Hearts - All Time Low
  6. American Beauty American Psycho - Fall Out Boy
Favourite Artists
You can probably tell from above who some of my favourite bands are, but I figured I'd share them all with you here:
  1. Taylor Swift - I've loved this girl forever, she's just so genuine and talented and although her music is outside of what I usually listen to, I love it.
  2. Ed Sheeran - This was the first artist I ever listened to on my own, and my cousin introduced me to him (through the Lego House music video that Rupert Grint starred in) in 2011, I think? Ever since then, I've been obsessed, and also lucky enough to see him live twice (once when I was about 10m from the stage - whoop!)
  3. All Time Low - My all time favourite band. I love these guys, and here's a post I did about the time I saw them live this summer (spoiler: it was the best night of my life)
  4. Fall Out Boy - Always has me dancing around my room singing when I should be doing homework.
There we have it! This is some of the music that keeps me going throughout the day. I hope you enjoyed it! I now have a board on my pinterest with quotes that I love, most of which are from some of these songs!

Please let me know whether you listen to any of these, or what your favourite music is! I'd love to know.

Also, quick note - I know I've been crazy inconsistent with blogposts these past few months. I'm back for good now :)




Recently, I've had a lot more to do. I don't mean in terms of homework or stress, but just having a lot more of a social life, friends to hang out with after school, parties to go to in the weekend and so on.

I really enjoy it. I love spontaneously running into town to buy subway after school and spending the rest of the day by the docks.

One thing I hate, is having to say no to stuff. This is for a bunch of reasons, but mostly because I have a severe case of FOMO - which I might do a separate post about, because I know a lot of people are like this. I find it really hard to turn down hanging out when I know my friends will be going, even if I wouldn't necessarily like to be there myself.

I've realised recently however, that I simply can't say yes to everything. I say yes when I can and I make sure to spend a lot of time with my friends, but sometimes I don't feel like it, and that's okay.

I've always been the type of person who needs me-time. I think we all do, to an extent, we need time to just watch netflix, bake a batch of muffins or just chill for a few hours or even days.

This is important. I used to see it as something I just did when I was bored, but I've come to realise that this is just as important for me personally to spend time with friends. I get grumpy if I haven't had a few hours to recharge over the past few days, and I get grumpy if I'm around the same people for more than a weekend.

None of this is their fault, it's just that everyone needs to recharge.

So this is your little reminder to please, please please take a bit of time for yourself whenever you need it. Sure, it might mean that you won't have time to finish the science homework, but you need to remember that your mental health and clarity is so much more important than homework or anything else.

Take time doing something you enjoy, and I swear you'll feel better. Goddamn, I sound like an advert, but I really mean it. Whether it's going on a run, baking, taking a bath (ugh I hate baths) or watching netflix, just do something for you today.

Let me know what YOU like to do during your 'me time'!


Photos from Harry Potter Studio Tour (Part 2)


Hey everyone!

Today I'm back with part two of my photos from the Warner Bros Studio Tour, which I'm very excited to share with you!

I went to the Studio Tour in London in the end of June, and I posted a bunch of photos from it, which you can see them here! I'm very proud of them, but I thought it would be time for you to see the rest.

The model of Hogwarts is possibly my very favourite thing about the entire tour. Don't get me wrong, everything about the tour is amazing, but this one leaves me speechless and makes me want to cry.

 The kitchen at the Burrow! So well made, and look out for hidden magic in this set!

 I'm not a big fan of the death eaters, but I figured all of you Slytherins out there would love to see it!

And of course, Umbridge's office! I hate her more than I hate Voldemort, but I can't deny it... Her office is very impressive. 

 Off to Hogwarts I go! The platform was actually a new addition, and the train is mind-blowing! You can climb inside it and walk through the carriages, and each one represents a different movie.
 Everything in Diagon Alley looks so realistic, and every little detail is perfect. It has different sections with different atmospheres, for example how the Apothecary and Gringotts are slightly eerie, while the joke shop is full of liveliness.

Those are all the photos I have from the Studio Tour. I hope you enjoyed them both (here's part 1), I know I did! I had the best day there with my best friend, and it truly was one of the best days of my entire life. I'd definitely recommend for you all to go if you have the chance, and make sure to schedule a whole day there!

I'd also like to thank you all for 40 followers on bloglovin. I know it might not seem like much, but it really means the world to me. I love every single one of you, and you're always welcome if you want to chat!


Hello September


Hey there friends!

As you may remember from my posts like this in June and July, I try to do a monthly expectations post on the first of every month, so here we are for September!

First of all, let me just say, how the hell is it September already? I honestly can't believe that we only have four months left until 2016. That's terrifying.

As I didn't do a post like this for august, I'll skip straight to the goals and plans for September:


  1. Keep on track with schoolwork: I've now gone back to school, and quite frankly, the work is overwhelming. My main goal is therefore to stay on track with my homework and studying for my exams.
  2. My blog is also very important to me, and I notice I feel a lot happier when I'm posting regularly. I'm not going to set a schedule for my blogposts, but I will say that I want to have at least 7 blogposts in total for the month of September.
  3. I've been eating unhealthy and not working out most of the summer, and I can definitely notice a difference. I'd love to get back to my healthy routines and perhaps get a bit fitter over the next few months.
My Plans for September:
  1. One of the few things I'll be doing this month is spending a day out in Oslo, Norway's capital city. This doesn't sound like much, because I'm there every few weeks, but this is the first time I'll be going to truly enjoy the city instead of as a chore. I'm going with a few friends of mine, and maybe I'll share our shenanigans with you if you'd like that?
  2. Inspired by Zoella, I now really want to deepclean my room. At the moment (and the rest of the time to be honest) my room is in absolute chaos, and it would be very nice to not only have it tidy but also get rid of all the little knick-knacks that I know live at the bottom of all my drawers.
  3. This month I'm going back home to England for a week. I can't wait, as I haven't been there for a while. I'll be spending time with my family, but also visiting a few towns I haven't been to before, which I'll probably share with all of you!
That was rather a short post this time! I just don't have that many plans for this fall, and as it is my least favourite season, I'm lacking the motivation to go out and do stuff at the moment. Hopefully I'll get all of these done though, and you'll see next month, on the first of October!


Back to School Essentials


Hello everyone!

Today I have a bit of a special post for you, as I'm doing a collaboration with the lovely Frances from Royally Rouge!

On her blog, she will be doing a Back to School Makeup Look, and over here there's Back to School Essentials (as you probably guessed by my title).

In this post I won't be focusing as much on schoolbooks, as that is different for everyone. I will, however, take you through some of my favourite items that I keep in my bag that I wouldn't be able to get through my day without.

The first one - my planner. I LOVE this thing. It's from Paperchase, and I keep absolutely everything in it. I write down homework, blogposts, plans with friends, workouts, and everything going on in my life. Our school does actually provide us with planners, but I decided it was more likely that I'd keep up with it if I chose the design and layout myself.

If you're at one of those unlucky schools where they don't let you listen to music while working, I feel for you! I wouldn't be able to live without mine, so I always have to have my headphones!

These colourful pens are a new addition to my collection this year - as is the planner above. I've actually used them a surprising amount, and come on, how satisfying is it to see them all colour coordinated like this? I find that I'd much rather review my notes if the titles and important words are written in bright pink or turquoise! I got this set for around £6!

My emergency kit - the little set that constantly livesin the bottom of my bag and will stay there every single day I'm at school. This little pouch is larger than necessary, but works fine and is from Primark. The main thing in my kit is a lipbalm - usually two, one for chapped lips and one coloured - because I get superdry lips and I find that lipbalm really calms me down during tests. Deodorant is something I very rarely use while at school, but just knowing its there makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Tampons, of course, speak for themselves, but you'd rather not forget these! The last thing in my kit is usually bobby pins. I have very short hair, and sometimes during art, I just need to get my fringe out of my eyes.

I mentioned this in my previous post about being healthy, but drinking water is super important! I know everyone tells you this, but seriously, bring a waterbottle between classes with you! It'll definitely help, and make you feel a lot better about yourself! It also gives you something to do when you're listening to a lecture.

Those are some of my school necessities that live in my bag, I hope that gave you some ideas! Let me know when you go/went back to school, as I know it's very different everywhere! I went back to school two weeks ago, but I know a lot of people don't go back for another few, so I wish you all luck with that!

Also, go check out Frances' blog! As I mentioned above, she's doing Back to School Makeup over at royallyrouge.blogspot.com


How to Start a Diary


I know writing a diary is typically something looked down upon, or something your grandma tells you to do and you just roll your eyes. I know that, and yet I chose to set my new years resolution of 2015 to write a diary most days (one of the only ones that have ever lasted for more than two days). It's something I do quite often now, and I really enjoy it. It's like my own personal therapist, where I can write about absolutely anything I want without worrying about hurting someone's feelings. It's a place where I can say absolutely anything I want about something and not worry about being judged.

Just a note - Is it just me or is the font I've written in above very similar to that of Claude Monet on the cover? I had no idea that he and Taylor Swift had such similar handwriting!
Seeing as I've been writing consistently for a few months now, and am currently on my third diary, I figured I could call myself a senior diary-writer (lol). Therefore, I decided to use my position to share some tips and tricks with you, in case you'd like to start journaling.
This is by far my favourite one. It's from Paperblanks!
  1. What I consider the most important tip probably sounds stupid, but it's to buy a nice diary. A really, really nice one. This one is at least very important to me, and I take great care in looking for a new one. I figure it this way: If I'm going to pour my heart and soul into this object (although not literally, like Ginny did in the Chamber of Secrets), I want it to be an object that I can look at and be proud of. For the few months each of these diaries are in use they're like extensions of my brain, and having a really pretty one keeps me motivated to write. I'd recommend ones from Paperblanks, but TkMaxx do really good ones too.
  2. My second tip is what everyone advises you to do when starting something new, and that is to make it a habit. I'm not saying every day, but at least once a week have a habit that after dinner before you go to bed, you write. It makes it easier to do if you're not used to it.
  3. Slightly opposite to point #2, but you don't have to write down everything. You don't have to catch up on weeks worth of happenings if you haven't been writing during that time. To me, that would make me put it off even more, because having to write so much at once seems daunting to me.
  4. Just write. Seems simple, and it really is, so don't put so much pressure on yourself. Just write about what you had for breakfast, or why you and your friend got in a fight. Anything you want there, belongs in your diary.
  5. This is something that took me a long time to get used to, and that is to make sure I'm writing to myself. It seems obvious, of course I'm writing to myself! But no, I noticed that in the beginning I was writing more like what I would want someone else to read, which doesn't help at all. What's the point in that? So just make sure you're writing to the you who's here right now, not the one twenty years from now.
Those are all the tips I have for now, I hope some of you enjoyed it! As I mentioned earlier, I would really recommend starting a diary, because it just feels so freeing. Please let me know if you journal, or if you're thinking about starting!


The Versatile Blogger Award


Hey everyone!

Today I'm doing a bit of a different post, because I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much to Georgia Charlotte, she is so incredibly lovely so go and have a look at her blog!

Now, there are five steps to the Versatile Blogger award, all of which I will try to follow:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you - Check. See above.
  2. Include a link to their blog - Also check. Just press the name and it'll lead you right to it.
  3. Nominate bloggers you follow regularly - Hmm, how am I supposed to choose?
  4. Include 7 facts about yourself - This should be the easiest step, shouldn't it?
So, to some of my favourite blogs who I think deserve this award:
These are all amazing girls with amazing blogs, which really inspire me. I think they all deserve this award, and please go and have a look at their blogs!

Now on to the facts about me part:
  1. I have a dog called Charlie, who's a labradoodle and the cuddliest thing on earth.
  2. I'm a massive fan of Taylor Swift.
  3. I'm very passionate about feminism and LGBTQIA+ rights, because honestly, they're just human rights.
  4. I really enjoy debating with my friends, and I love talking about things that stir up opinions. This isn't to cause arguments or anything, I just really enjoy hearing other people's sides to a story.
  5. My favourite vegetables are sweet potatoes, I freaking love them. Although, I tried last night to make sweet potato burgers, and I have to admit, it ended up more like burnt and scrambled sweet potatoes.
  6. My zodiac sign is a cancer, and although I don't believe in zodiac horoscopes, nothing pleases me more than tumblr posts which try to tell me my favourite movie based on it.
  7. My favourite colour is probably blue.
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! 


My Favourite Youtubers


Hello everyone!

Today I figured I’d do a post about some of my favourite youtubers, because as you’d know if you follow my twitter, I watch a lot of youtube. I’d like to point out that I actually mainly watch daily vlogs, but I decided to only talk about main channels in this post, as I guess those are the ones you’d find most interesting.

  1. I’m including the first three here in a group, because I think all of you probably watch them, or at least know who they are: Zoella, SprinkleofGlitter and Tanya Burr. These three are so sweet, and manage to cheer me up so well.
  2. Someone I discovered recently is Meg Says, who also has blog. She is the kindest, calmest, most motivating little gem who I absolutely love to watch. She talks about mainly beauty, lifestyle and health, and I find it all very interesting. Her videos are perfect to watch on a sick day or before bed, as her voice is so comforting and just cheers me up. 
  3. Not even joking, I am currently rewatching a lot of her old videos right this instant. Fabulous Hannah is so relatable and hilarious that I literally laugh out loud. She speaks about her life in such a hilarious way, and I can’t help but love her. 
  4. Velvetgh0st is someone who I personally find so motivating. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and talks about the good and the bad in her life, which definitely helps keep me grounded. I know she is very controversial, but I personally adore her.
  5. The last person on this list is Hannah Witton. She’s not scared to give her opinion on things, and her videos are surprisingly informative. She talks a lot about sexuality, gender roles, and is just plain educational and funny.

There you have it, the main channels I watch on a regular basis. I’d recommend you to check all these out, if you aren’t already subscribed. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’d be happy to do more similar ones in the future. Who are some of your favourite youtubers?