Exploring London // Photos of Camden and Pretty Buildings


If you've followed me for a while you'll know how much I love England. Every time I'm there, I just feel so serene.

I go back quite often, because a lot of my family lives there. However, as they're stationed in the middle of the countryside (possibly my favourite place in the entire world), we rarely spend time in London.

Last summer in June, I spent an extended weekend there. I went with a close friend of mine from across the world, and she had never been to 'northern' Europe before. London had always been a big dream of hers, so of course, we had to do all the typical tourist-y things!

I brought my big camera (thank god), and got some lovely shots! Here are some of my favourites, that I feel best illustrate London, in all its individuality:

Camden is definitely a must-see in London, and just so special. It's eccentric and wonderful, and the thought of it puts me in such a good mood.

One of my favourite shops inside the actual market. I know nothing about vintage cameras, but I still think they're so cool to look at!

 Such a tourist-y thing to do, but here we have the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace! Sure, it's a loooooong time to wait for them, but it was such a lovely day that it didn't matter.

I actually don't quite know what this building is, but it was just so typical of London. I love it!

Taken in Camden. As I said, it is certainly unique! 

We stayed in the coolest hostel I've ever seen. You'd think hostels would be boring and dirty (which they usually are) but the architecture and design of this one was so bright and special! It had been painted by design students, so this was the piano!

 Last but not least, here we have the loveliest Charlotte Campbell. I feel like such a fangirl of her sometimes, but she truly deserves it! We were walking down the South Bank, and had to stop just to listen to her beautiful voice! In a way she reminded me of Luna Lovegood, so whimsical and happy, and I couldn't recommend her music more. (Her links: youtube - itunes - twitter)

We spent a day in the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and did two posts about it (both photo-heavy!). Part 1 and Part 2 can be found here.

It was honestly such a lovely trip, and I have so many happy memories. Most of the photos I took were of us, so  I'm obviously not going to share them on here, but trust me, some of them are hanging on my wall!

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Beauty / Fashion

Unconventional Things to Love About Yourself


In this day and age, it seems that it's 'in fashion' to hate your appearance. Personally, I think everyone should be celebrated and that everyone is beautiful (oh god, how cliche), but we all have off days.

In order to perhaps remind you that everyone finds different things beautiful, and that it's totally okay to love how you look, I made this.

I figured if I share some things I really like about myself, and hopefully it could inspire you to think about what things you like about yourself too, even if society tells us those are ugly things (again, so cliche).

1. I've always liked stretchmarks. Weird, perhaps? I do think it looks really cool, in the same way as scars do. They have stories behind them, and I was honestly quite content when I found stretchmarks on myself for the first time.

2. This one is quite normal, but I really like freckles. I think everyone agrees that they're incredibly cute and innocent-looking.

3. Another point about my skin, but I really like being pale. Everyone always wants a tan during summer, and although I do agree that my legs and body looks better with a very slight tan, my face definitely doesn't. I just feel like my face and hair blend to one, and I just prefer my face to be pale.

4. I really like the way I look in sweatpants or a hoodie. I don't know why, but I feel very confident when I'm wearing my joggers. I have no qualms about wearing them to school or out of the house, and I just don't see the problem with them.

5. Hopefully not such an unusual and definitely something everyone should, but I love the way I look without makeup. I usually don't put it on for school, and if I do, it's only on my eyebrows. There's definitely nothing wrong with wearing makeup, but it's also important that you're okay with not wearing it too.

Those are the main things I love about myself, that aren't very typical. I hope this cheered you up slightly, and maybe made you think of some things that you love about yourself too. Please let me know what they are!



The Best Night of My Life // Seeing Adele Live


If you follow me on twitter (hint: you should) you'll know that I went to Adele's concert last Sunday. It was amazing. I promised to do a post about it, and I figured since today is her 28th birthday, it was appropriate.

I used to love Adele as much as anyone else. I'd sing out loud when her hits came on, and didn't really listen to the new album unless it was on the radio. I was always charmed by her incredible voice, but I never considered her one of my idols. Over the past few months though, that has drastically changed. I've listened to her newest album on loop for a weeks, and I've watched every interview of her on youtube.

Of course, I was over the moon when my mum reminded me that we had tickets for her concert (we bought them in December, as my mum has always been a huge fan of her).

I can definitely say it's the best concert I've ever been to. This makes me whimper slightly, as the All Time Low one will always have a special place in my heart, but this was the first time I've ever really felt like my view on the world was shifted by a concert.

Her voice was, of course, powerful and filled the arena. It haunted me during the sad songs, and I felt my eyes filling with tears during Make You Feel My Love, as it has always reminded me of something very sad. She asked us all to hold up the light on our phones during this song, which just made it feel so surreal.

Also, she was on the stage for so long! It's a well known fact that Adele is a private person and avoids the spotlight, so I wasn't expecting her to be as friendly as she was. She was on the stage for over two hours, and it all felt so personal. She shared funny and embarrassing stories, and told us about her son and their fishing adventure in the fjord earlier that day. Her sassy comments made me laugh, and during When We Were Young, the screen behind her was a slideshow of childhood photos of her.

During the last song, which I think was Rolling in the Deep, the lights came on and confetti was blasted. At first it just looked like regular confetti, but I realised that it was small pieces of text. We gathered several of them, and they all have 'handwritten' lyrics and small pieces of text. These, along with my ticket, will definitely be going on my wall when I move.

I had such a great night. We were incredibly lucky to get tickets, and they also happened to be amazing seats. We were close to the stage, on the first row of seats in the stand. The arena housed 23,000 (Norway's biggest), and the tickets sold out in a few minutes. Everyone I mentioned the concert to were so jealous, that I felt slightly bad posting photos of it on instagram afterwards. Nevertheless, it was incredible, and a night I know for sure I'll never forget. I just love her that much.

To conclude this post, I'd like to ask you what the best concert you've ever been to was? If you've never been to one, who's someone you'd love to see live?

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Hello May


Hey guys!

Today I'm re-introducing a series I did quite regularly during summer and autumn last year. I really enjoyed it, and you seemed to too!

So here it is again, Hello May. I'll try to do this every month like I used to, where I talk about goals and plans for this month.

Goals for May

  1. Do well in my exams - This is an obvious one, I feel like everyone has exams this month. I'm very nervous, but I only have 5, andI'm finished by the 20th so I'll just have to wait it out!
  2. Spend quality time with my friends - At the end of this year, most of my friend's are graduating sixth form (whereas I'm starting next year), and I'm moving to a different city. Towards the end of may, they're moving all over the country and world, and some of them I probably won't see for years. I want to spend this month with all of them, doing things such as bonfires on the beach, parties, picnics and making breakfast together (which are all things we usually do together, and I'll miss them). 
  3. Workout often - As I mentioned, next year I'll be moving out. I know my roommate works out every day, and wanted me to come for runs in the park with her every morning. Honestly, that does sound quite fun, and is my current motivation for getting fitter (something I really need to prioritise).
Not my photo
Exciting things happening in May
  1. The very first of these you'll know if you follow me on twitter - I've been tweeting about it incessantly - I'm going to an Adele concert! It's tonight, and I'll probably do a post on it if I get any good photos. I can't wait, I love her newest album!
  2. This month several of my friends have their birthdays, so the week after our exams finish will be filled with them. Mainly birthday parties and also one graduation party, and I'm very excited for all of them!
  3. My brother is moving home from a boarding school type thing in about a week, and I can't wait to see him. I miss him lots, and having him living with us again over the summer will be nice (although I'm sure I'll regret saying that after a few days - he also drives me completely crazy).
As you can see, May should be fun for me (please forgive me, I didn't meant that to rhyme)! I'm mostly excited for the warmer weather though, and to be able to go swimming in the ocean, although I've already been once a the beginning of April. That was freezing!

I'm off to go get ready for the Adele concert now, let me know if you'd like a post about that concert, as it is slightly different than the ones I usually go to!

I'd love it if you'd tell me a few things you're excited for this month in the comments!