January - A Summary


This post is inspired by the lovely Jemima

January passed so quickly, and I can't believe we're already a month into 2017. I probably say this every month to be honest, but oh well. It's been a good one, I'd say!

January has had so many beautiful sunsets. I've heard they're due to global warming, so that's not, you know, great, but it's still beautiful.

Favourite parts
  • This past weekend was actually really nice. I went to watch my roommate's dance show, and it was so great I had to see it twice. My childhood friend also came to visit, and we had a lovely time walking around the city. We decided against using public transport, and ended up walking for way over an hour in the snow to get where we were going. 
  • No January blues! You'd think with how awful my autumn was that everything would come back and pile on top of me as life resumed after christmas, but no. I'm in a much better mood nowadays, and have so much more energy. I couldn't be happier about it.
  • I baked brownies for my roommate and I. Both of us had our half-birthdays within a day of each other this month, and so I decided to bake a batch of brownies to celebrate.

Worst part
This isn't something I'd usually think to include, but I figured I'd add it in. My cousin left for the military at the beginning of this month, and she'll be gone for a year. I know, it's not that long and I'll even get to see her when she comes back on breaks, but I'll really miss her. The worst of it all - we were in the middle of a Gilmore Girls marathon, and now we're stuck on season 4 and I can't finish it without her.

Favourite music
I've been in such a music rut lately, and I never know what to listen to anymore. I have been obsessed with Tessa Violet lately though, but most of the time I've just been listening to podcasts (they're all in norwegian, hence the lack of recommendations). I'd love some music recommendations though, if you know of any good bands!

Favourite movie
I know this one came out in November, but I rewatched it with my mum a couple of weeks ago and was reminded of how much I love it. Fantastic Beasts is honestly such a masterpiece, and if you haven't seen it (even if you don't like Harry Potter), I'd highly recommend it! The story and characters are amazing, but also the way it's made. the costumes, sets and cinematography completely blow me away. I do really hate the use of Johnny Depp in it though (don't worry, I won't spoil it), as I'm not a big fan of him and I don't think he fits the part at all.

Favourite show
Jane the virgin! It's absolutely hilarious, and one of my all-time favourites. So is Modern Family, which I've been rewatching this month. The Fosters is probably my #1 favourite show, and it supposedly returns tonight, so you know what I'll be up to.

Two of my absolute favourite people.

Favourite youtuber
Dodie is always at the top of my list. She's such a sweetie, and her videos inspire me so much. Tessa Violet too, along with making great music, makes great videos. Their videos are part of what helped keep me afloat all of last semester, and I'm forever grateful. I love them both so much.

And then there's Eve Bennett. I've been watching her videos for quite a while, but not consistently until recently. Her revision/school videos are my favourite, and they motivate me so much. She's definitely the #1 reason that I'm back to trying my hardest in school. She's also just hilarious, and I love her.

Favourite post
I'm really happy with the photo diary I recently put up. I worked really hard on the photos and can't wait to post part 2 and 3 sometime in February. Basically, my dad and I took a mini roadtrip around the Cotswolds where my grandparents live, and we explored so many cute villages and beautiful places. I loved it.

Favourite place
Definitely the small cafe down the street from where I live. It's tiny, but I go there to do work all the time. The top floor consists of two couches perfect for reading, looking out on the rest of the cafe (it's more of a ledge that its own floor to be honest), and the basement had large, well-lit tables that are good if I'm there to do art. The ground floor is of course my favourite part, where each table has a tiny vase of flowers in, and the large windows overlook the busy street outside. The music they play is mostly Coldplay, and it's great. I find that it's the main place where I can go to work, as I have no proper distractions around me, and I actually enjoy my time there.

Taken on my way home from the cafe one morning.
What happens next month?
February is an exciting one - my winter break starts in three weeks, and I'm going to Amsterdam! Just for a couple of days with my mum, but I can't wait. We'll also be visiting family in England and perhaps spending a day in Cambridge, so you can expect a bunch of photography posts over the next few months!

There you have a fairly comprehensive summary of the past month. It's been a good one, and I can't see what February brings.


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  1. I love how positive you kept this post and it sounds like you've had a lovely January! Hope the rest of the year continues good for you! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

    1. Thank you! I had a great month, and so far, february has been just as good. Hope you have a great year too! <3

  2. I'm so glad you had a good January, we'll have to meet up next time you come to the UK!

    Jemima x

    1. Thank you, it was a great month! That would be lovely, I'm actually going next week, but let me know if you're ever in the area!!