10 Years Time


In ten years time I'll be 25, which is crazy to think about. I'll have graduated from university, or I might have chosen to further my education. Are you still studying design or did you change your route? As long as you haven't become an engineer I think you'll do well.

Do you still have contact with your friends from Norway? I hope you still talk to them, because even if you've probably drifted apart from most of them, they've been a really great support system and you need to thank them for that. They brighten up the dull and boring times, so please repay that to them too.

Did you end up getting into that boarding school in England? If not, where did you go?

Are you still pescetarian, or did you give up? I hope you didn't because it made you a lot happier. Maybe you could try again?

I assume you're not living here anymore, because I've always sworn that. Maybe you're in America, England or Australia, or maybe you're backpacking across the world. Please take time to travel, and explore more of the world.

How did that road trip you're planning through America go? Which places did you end up visiting?

When was the last time you visited home? You should do that soon, because even though you may think of it as boring, I know you really do miss it sometimes. Is your family still alive and well? What about your friends?

How old will Charlie be now? 12 or so? That's quite old for a dog, make sure you spend lots of time with her because you know you're her favourite family member although you find her a bit annoying sometimes.

How did the rebuild go? Did you end up doing it? What does it look like now? Is the tree house still standing? Have you slept up there recently? You should, because even if it might feel a bit weird, it's the best feeling in the world waking up by the sunlight shining through the leaves over you.

Have you met your significant other yet? If not, don't worry, just listen to Taylor Swift's album 1989, which you probably consider really old by now. But if you have, what do they look like? Do I know them now? Do they make you smile even if you're trying not to, and do they let you cry on their shoulder even if they don't know what's wrong?

I don't know where you'll be in the future, and I don't mind as long as you're happy. Are you surrounded by people who make you smile so that all your teeth are showing? Do they mind all your crazy ideas?

This blog post was inspired by PointlessBlog's new video, 10 years time. 

Where do you hope to be in 10 years time?

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  1. I saw that video too! I love Alfie! Great blog post.