The future?


A few days ago i went to a fair with lots of universities. I found it really interesting, and I definitely enjoyed it. One thing that bothered me though, were the questions I was asked, although they were definitely expected. I'm fifteen, and at every school I looked at, I was asked what I wanted to be. I obviously understand this and that it's important for them to know, but at the same time, I think it's wrong.

Should I, at the age of fifteen, be certain of what I want to spend my life doing? I find that unrealistic. It scares me that I'm supposed to know what I want to be and where I want to live in two years time. I have two years to figure this out, and I know in some countries, especially if you're doing GCSE's and A-levels, you should have decided way before that.

Am I the only one who's scared by this thought? Am I the only one who finds this strange? Let me know if you've had any experiences like this, or if you have any thoughts on this topic. I'm genuinely interested, this isn't just something I'm saying.

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