How I Stay Productive // How I Deal with Stress


I go to a school that has a lot of homework, and like most teenagers, I'm really bad at time management. I get sidetracked so easily, either by watching youtube videos, or going out with friends. Once, when I was supposed to be researching ancient Greece, I ended up reading an article on the best way to can my own mangoes!

At my school, the homework often comes in waves. I have a week or two of almost no homework at all, and then all of a sudden I have six assignments due in a week. Here are some things I've discovered that help me get productive, and help keep stress at bay. Hopefully they'll help a few of you too:

If you're very busy and you're short on time, this might not be the best idea, as it will obviously take up more time. However, if you're just stressing over small things, as I often do, it's nice to go for a run or a brisk walk to get some fresh air and a little space. If you have a dog, it's really nice to take him or her out for a walk, as it always makes me happy to see my darling puppy run, jump and play.

Make a hot drink
One thing that definitely helps me and doesn't take a long time is to make a hot cup of tea. I get to leave my room for a few minutes, and I personally always feel a lot calmer if I have a cup of tea to sip on. A quick tip my dad taught me - if someone asked you a question that you don't know how to answer, take a sip of your tea, as it makes it seem like you're all sophisticated when you're actually  just buying time!

Change where you're sitting
I always do my work at a desk in my room, but I feel like if I've been sitting there and procrastinating for hours, it works to move to a new place, as it feels like I'm giving myself a second chance. Sitting in the same room as my family also helps me, as I feel like I can't procrastinate in front of them because they're able to see what I'm doing.

Switch it up
This kind of goes along with the last point, but switch up the homework you're doing! If you're working on a science essay, take a break and do some reading for english instead! You're still getting stuff done, but it might feel like you're giving yourself a little break!

Just do it
Just do whatever it is you have to do. Set yourself a time limit and make sure to finish it within that time. An app that I like to use is called 30/30, and you can set up a list of tasks and a time limit for each. It sounds like you could just use a timer, but that app helps keep me accountable for some strange reason.

Put it into perspective
If you're stressing, the most important thing to remember is that it'll all be over in a few days. Your homework that you're struggling to finish will have been handed in in a few days, and you'll be able to put it out of your mind. This is personally the main thing to remember for me, and I find that putting it into perspective like this really calms me down.

That's all the tips I have for now, but please let me know what you do down in the comments! How do you stay productive and on track? Did any of my tips help you?

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